What you didn't know about Apple.

You’ve all seen the iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro…but there’s a lot you probably didn’t know about…

What you didn't know about Apple. 1
What you didn't know about Apple. 2
What you didn't know about Apple. 3
What you didn't know about Apple. 4
What you didn't know about Apple. 5

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  1. I appreciate Arun. He is a very unique YouTuber because of course he makes to the point videos. Also his voice is so cool. The most important thing, his videos are so versatile. Keep up the good work man

  2. The sad thing is when people ask me why I have a Samsung and I say it's better than apple and they say no it's not and I ask them why apple is better and they can't come up with a reason

  3. I always loved Apple, but after Steve died I completely lost interest, and Tim Crook being a censorious Sh*t bag makes the situation worse.
    Steve would never aid the CCP in capturing ''enemies'' in Hong Kong.

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