What you didn't know about Samsung.

You’ve probably heard of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, and the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus, but…

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  1. U gave a sneak peek of S20 design in this video's thumbnail how did u now it was gonna be like that @Mrwhosetheboss

  2. Apple: I have the best phones and cheese grat-
    Samsung: I can't hear you over the sound of the tanks and the Samsung Butt's farts

  3. A note on the galaxy folder 2. It's quite an old phone now, having specs similar to the s8. It also doesn't sell in the west and if you were to import one, it would not have Google services on it as standard. Just a heads up for those who were interested as i was several years ago.

    Samsung have, however, shown off more modern flip phone prototypes but none of them have been made a reality, with very vague media coverage.

  4. Again.. Again. Waiting to here from you soon.. More and more… Listen to your talking way… And English.. I am a fan of you.

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