What’s the BEST TV Under $400?

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What’s the BEST TV Under $400? 1
What’s the BEST TV Under $400? 2
What’s the BEST TV Under $400? 3
What’s the BEST TV Under $400? 4
What’s the BEST TV Under $400? 5

35 Comments on “What’s the BEST TV Under $400?”

  1. So, I sadly don't know what an actually expensive tv is like. I kinda want a comparison video for budget vs high end tv norms so you'd get an idea of the difference. Physical, software, i/o, brightness, features, viewing angle, other intangibles, what are the standards for each price line?

  2. for the Sceptre.. . Menu then press slowly ( 7 3 4 3) picture setting>>pq advanced>>peaking setting and either peaking switch (OFF) or VIP_PEAKING_BAND, hit right directional pad about 16X till you see 4K_H… pls dont ask how I know 🙁

  3. I can see the TCL just by it's Roku layout. The TCL 6 and 7 series have great displays. 4 and 5 series are a huge waste of money

  4. I just got a 4k Vizio M series quantum. 1 month before I bought the LG Nano 8 series. Both are amazing. 260 and 560 respectively

  5. I hate that small standing feet, it's too much far apart to fit on top of my tv cabinet and i can't drill my wall.

  6. Watch this video right know on the Samsung. You have to adjust the picture, but when you have it, it can be a pretty cool experience.

  7. Anyone know what the LG TV is? As far as I can tell, that model doesn't exist, though there is a LG 49UM6900PUA, which is what I'm guessing it is.

  8. I've had that TCL TV for a year and a half and my xbox and PS4 HDR hasnt worked this whole time, i just realized why after seeing 8:20

    Thank you i love you so much linus please have my kids

  9. Hey I have a 2019 86in lg led tv with that same menu what you recommend I use for a Xbox one x in the settings

  10. imagine open source tv firmware that lets you install it on all brands and has the same options menu with settings dimmed and available depending on what features you have.

  11. My 2010 47" vizio backlight just died 🙁 I just bought the samsung ru7100 🙁 I'm still going to fix my vizio

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