Why Buy an Apple iPad Case?

Why buy a cover protector for your iPad? Why? OK let me tell you why.

Well if you are like a friend of mine who it seems just likes to gamble with scratches, dings, and cracked screens, then perhaps buying a case would ruin the all that excitement. However, why would you want to be that way, wouldn’t you be better off having the peace of mind by providing protection for your iPad with a quality protective case and so help prevent objects (and people of course) from attacking your new iPad?

Although the protective cases cost a few extra dollars, so does term life insurance and extended warranties. The difference is that at some point it is inevitable that something or someone will either hit or knock your iPad to the ground causing damage that will either be an eye sore for the remainder of your relationship with your new piece of kit or you will need to pony up another $499 to replace it… if that is all you paid for your iPad.

Me? I went all out and paid $875 and so for me there was no point in testing Murphy’s Laws on an unprotected iPad.

Without trying, I might bang or drop my iPad a couple of times a week and am thankful that I don’t have to worry about putting in a claim or admitting my gamble did not pay off again.

My first iPad purchase was from a friend of mine and when I received the product I returned it to him because there were too many dings and scratches on his iPad which made it look like it had been dropped and abused. I would venture to guess that he either had to drop his price significantly or he would not be able to sell it for anything close to what he purchased it for.

To take the protective cases to another level of protection, you can also purchase the film adhesive that is placed on the screen to protect from scratches, spills, and dirty fingerprints.

If you are like me, you want to upgrade to the next best apple product and if you have a protective case, your resale value will be as high as you could hope for, but more importantly, the demand on your iPad with a case will make it sell a lot more quickly as well. Pictures don’t lie on eBay, if you have dents and scratches on your iPad, the value of your product drops with each and every one. When you can honestly type ‘Like New’, everyone wants to purchase a like new iPad.

Although cases do not protect the iPad from water damage if it is dropped in a sink, tub or toilet, you will find that it does help protect the device from soda spills which can be difficult to remove and sometimes cause permanent damage when the acid in the soda eats away at the metal shell of the iPad.

Although the cases cost a few extra dollars, they do what they say they can do and protect your electronic gadgets from your own clumsiness. Protecting your iPad is like protecting your most valuable possession. If you protect it, you won’t wreck it… and regret it for the rest of the time you own it.

Brian Potter

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