Why Can't I BUY a MicroLED TV?

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Why Can't I BUY a MicroLED TV? 1
Why Can't I BUY a MicroLED TV? 2
Why Can't I BUY a MicroLED TV? 3
Why Can't I BUY a MicroLED TV? 4
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28 Comments on “Why Can't I BUY a MicroLED TV?”

  1. I have been working with these modular designs for video walls at music festivals and corporate events for years. The pixels on these ones are amazing!

  2. Consumer demand will drive the market. If the TV and monitor manufacturers see there is a market for it they will spend the money to improve production. The damand for micro led looks to be there. So give it about five years before you can pick it up at Wal-Mart.

  3. What's the "Google-Wrecker"? 07:02
    I'm all about "google-wrecking". There's some evil SOB's and policies over there. Pretty sure the anti-christ will be a google executive/employee.

  4. microLED tvs require for 4k resolution 24M components to be placed of <50 micron size, with 5 micron precision, defectfree, within 3 minutes time. Because that is the standard assembly it would compete with for LCD screens. The costs of the base material are actually not a problem. microLEDs can go down to <1×1 micron size, so the area of a LED EPI wafer that is required will cost less than 100 euros. Another advantage is that microLEDs can be driven at much better efficiencies due to the aspect ratio.

  5. I'll buy one when they are $500 or less. Of course by that point flat screen TV's will probably be obsolete altogether and there will be 1080p 3D cubes instead of flat screens. As is I haven't even owned a TV since 2010. My PC has a tuner in it and I seldom even use that when it's easier just to download the torrent of what I want to watch. Never even ever wanted to get something bigger than 4k 27", that would probably just give me a stiff neck from 24" away.

  6. To be honest, linus is starting to get lame and while others like riley, james etc are crushing it xD, no offense linus!
    And these videos are starting to feel like a sitcom! Which is weird for a youtube tech channel but its actually good! And good job making marketing ads funnier! I've never been this entertained by ads ever, love from all of us <3

  7. Hey cool. Modular video wall panels that can be configured and replaced as desired. Sounds like something I came up with for my sci-fi/fantasy R.P.G.

  8. oh man, you need to spend some time working with LED walls your so over simplifying what they are and how they work.

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