Why Mid-Range smartphones are the new Flagships.

Why Mid range smartphones have become the dominant smartphone sector over the years, and where…

Why Mid-Range smartphones are the new Flagships. 1
Why Mid-Range smartphones are the new Flagships. 2
Why Mid-Range smartphones are the new Flagships. 3
Why Mid-Range smartphones are the new Flagships. 4
Why Mid-Range smartphones are the new Flagships. 5

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  1. Slight correction: The figures used at the beginning should be Millions…not Billions, not sure what happened there 😂
    To see the video I made about my favourite Smartphone Gadgets:

  2. i dont mind paying $900 for a phone except that next year i know they will release a newer and better one so it feels like i waste money. So they have kind of created this "problem" themselves. Namely that people prefer mid range over flagships caus they update the flagship line too fast and it never feels like you get a good deal

  3. Why do they not try making a mid-range smart phone, with no front camera, but improved rear camera technology. This would also give full screen video at the front. Not everyone takes selfies or needs face-unlock. This choice I feel would lead to success. Instead they want to remove the one thing that I do use, the headphone jack. I would like to see a manufacturer step up here and try this, I think others would copy. The form factor we have now should be open to variation.

  4. Very good, especially like the psychology part. You missed the point that income squeeze idue to the financial crisis in 2008 led to people wanting functionality at a price. I would also argue that if the price of the flagship went up solely because of the tech being used then that tech was not ready to go to market. A lot of the price rising could be attributed to finding out what we are prepared to pay for the latest tech, then simply setting the price at that level.

  5. Hey Arun.. I just saw Mr Marques Brownlee in ur video.. I think u guys made a collab previously..Am I correct??

  6. Are we really going to make fun of apple because of the cameras?
    Look at that this thing looks like a full set of ovens

  7. Same with cars The 'best one' always have to have all the features when the cheaper ones have better more in point when it comes to package

  8. If only I have the money, I will buy a flagship for sure, but I can only afford a mid-range, but the mid-range I bought has a flagship level performance.

  9. Apples revenue is $300 million a minute because the have managed to brainwash children that it's the 'must-have' phone in their peer group. Oh and of course the tossers in the City

  10. $300 gang. Already on android 10 because of Android one program and my phone is bloatware free. The budget segment is the best

  11. 7:42 that s not the future, that s exactly how it is now. All the phones are the same, especially when they re off. Just glass slabs. And when they re on, beside the notch, they all do the same … literally. And folding phones, it s the same, but they break easier … The plateau has been reaches since long.

  12. Been a subscriber since long…just wanted to say bro you have broadcast quality Voice …I am not sure why the BBC hasn't reached you out for their documentaries and News !! Love your content and presentation…keep up the good work.

  13. I always buy old flagships, my rule is 2 years old – great prices. Why would anyone need a new phone every year or twice per year? My 2017 iPhone 8 does amazing photos and videos and works great still.

  14. That's why I buy my phones 2nd hand when I can. I can get flag ship phones for mid tier prices. Sure, a new flagship might be out by the time I can get a former flagship for a reasonable price, but I'll give up phones before I spend more then £500 on one.

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