You’ll Probably Wish This Fake iPhone 9 Was Real

The next iPhone model to see daylight is the iPhone 9, which according to people familiar with the matter is actually the second-generation iPhone SE based on the iPhone 8.

And given we’re getting closer to the highly-anticipated March launch date, more and more images and videos, be they real or fake, make their way to the web, claiming to reveal the new iPhone.

What we have here is a video that was originally published on TikTok and which presents what appears to be this new iPhone 9.

At first glance, it looks pretty good, albeit some details don’t align with previous reports coming from people familiar with Apple’s plans.

Fake, fake, fake

For example, this model features an iPhone 4-inspired design with a rather boxy design that reminds of the older iPhone models. But sources with knowledge of the matter said the iPhone 9 would rather be based on the iPhone 8 and feature the same rounded appearance – in fact, the iPhone 9 is likely to look exactly as an iPhone 8, as it’s supposed to use both its body and the display.

And while this fake leak does present an iPhone that so many people would love having, especially given the design a la iPhone 4, there are several hints in the video it’s not the real deal.

First and foremost, it uses the iOS 11 wallpaper, and it goes without saying that a new iPhone would obviously launch with the latest iOS version out of the box. Then, the old Video app shows app on the home screen and the camera icon is displayed next to the two dots on the lock screen, so all signs seem to be pointing to a well-made custom Android mod.

Full information on the new iPhone is projected to be shared by Apple itself as part of an announcement due in late March.

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