2.5gbit is AWESOME, but it WON'T make your Internet faster…

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2.5gbit is AWESOME, but it WON'T make your Internet faster... 1
2.5gbit is AWESOME, but it WON'T make your Internet faster... 2
2.5gbit is AWESOME, but it WON'T make your Internet faster... 3
2.5gbit is AWESOME, but it WON'T make your Internet faster... 4
2.5gbit is AWESOME, but it WON'T make your Internet faster... 5

44 Comments on “2.5gbit is AWESOME, but it WON'T make your Internet faster…”

  1. So in short – not much faster in the real world , will require upgrades to computer and routing hardware that costs as much as a new pc , has already been superseded by 10 gig ……. got ya

  2. Linus should put out a video montage of all the stuff he dropped on video in 2019. Am I the only one that thinks it is worth a vid?

  3. I would use a single microtik thing in my house security hohles everywhere.
    Also i need POE+ and at most 16 ports. I already have 1gb switches connected via Fiber.

    > And using Lightroom is not really a thing i do at home same for 8k i wouldn’t even put that on a NAS.
    > And i never used in home streaming it’s just that there are not that many solutions that are good.

  4. i kind of want to move my primary storage onto the network so i can use my sff builds purely on m.2 drives. only problem with that is mini itx doesn't give you enough slots for a big fat network card. probably wait till we can get mini itx boards with > 1 gb ethernet.

  5. Here we are in Sweden where we can now get 10 Gbit/s internet for $30-50 per month and internet coverage of 99.9% of the country's area and 99.99% of the country's population.

  6. In france we have 10/2/1GBPS available 1GBPS is broadly available and i have 2GBPs Fiber in 90+% of my town (and my house)

  7. So if the switch is still too expensive, couldn't you use a cheap motherboard with onboard 2.5, toss in a few of those 2.5 pcie cards and a cheap cpu, and make a homebrew switch + nas for ~$300?

  8. as 10gig is out of reach by restrictive pricing and unavailability in consumer segment, i am really looking forward to 2.5gig standard becoming mainstream as soon as possible, as 1gig had become a bottleneck a long time ago (if you want to drop files across your home network faster).

  9. Linus. You forgot to metion one thing.

    Yes, you can upgrade your switch and put a 2.5gb or 10gb card in your PC to get faster speeds, but remember that the NAS at the other end also needs to be 2.5gb or 10gb. While some NAS units can be upgraded to 10gb with an optional card you install, most only have 1gb as standard. So if you're thinking of this check your NAS first.

    Look at Synology – their server racks all come with 10gb (obvs), but only one of their smaller 'consumer' NAS units has 10gb built in (the DS 1817), and a handful can be upgraded later by installing the 10gb card.

    I've got an older Synology DS2415+. It's 12 bay, and I have the 12 bay expansion for up to 24 drives. But it's 1gb. And you can't upgrade it to 10gb. cries

  10. Idea (for another video?): Take a cheap-o machine, put in a few 2.5 Gbit network cards and build your own switch! Or even a Raspberry Pi with a few 2.5 Gbit USB network adaptors? :O

  11. not related to this video. i have amd graphics card and monitor which is not freesync and picture quality is really bad and i really dont see any difference when connected to hdmi dvi or display port
    and yeah display port cable is properly connected but it just keep saying no signal any1 help?

  12. Linus Tech Tips: 2.5 gbit is AWESOME, but it WON'T make your internet faster…
    Techquickie: Your Internet Is About To Get FASTER – 2.5 Gbps explained

  13. You should do a video where you throttle your internet speed to Australian NBN speeds. I pay $79 a month for 45mb/s down… and thats fibre to the home.

  14. I wonder why there seems to be no advancing 10Gig technology to produce a better lower power chip, which would also be cheaper. I would have thought the power/heat savings would be something datacentres would love aswell.

    I've been eyeing that $99 ASUS card, but am wondering if it would wreck the thermals and hence noise levels of my HTPC.

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