3 Cool Gadgets That'll Improve Your Life (or won't)

Here you will find a variety of videos showcasing the coolest products on the planet. From the newest smartphone to surprising gadgets and technology you never knew existed. It’s all here on Unbox Therapy.

27 Comments on “3 Cool Gadgets That'll Improve Your Life (or won't)”

  1. My phone has 64GB onboard memory, but I bought a 64GB SD anyway, because, storage… Also, want to further upgrade to 128GB.
    Rather have it and not need it …

  2. Wireless Magnetic Charging Bank, I see it working best on a dashboard on bike phone holder.

    MAG Connector, maybe a little too far on the side of disconnect caution, but still better than nothing.

  3. I love UT but that was one of the most boring videos ever.
    I mean, even Lew seems bored presenting that stuff.

  4. That magconnector looks shitty. It doesn’t have a good ease of alignment And looks kinda boxy. I don’t like it.

  5. I hope UT is aware in most cases how much BS all those companies and kickstarters try to sell to us via his/their channel. I love to see all those vids, but before that i place next to me big chunk of rock salt just in case

  6. Crap .. they should discontinue old big sd cards ! and focus on micro sd cards !!
    Make klaptops with micro sd card slots only ! whe have smartphones with micros and action cameras with micro! camera manuf should wake up and make cameras with micro SDs !

  7. مروح مايصلح تسحب لبتبك ينفك تخلي لبتبك يشحن فمايصلح فمايصلح فمايصلح

  8. But when I'm on a secret squirrel spy mission and have to swallow or otherwise secrete the card, will it still work when I am able to retrieve it?

  9. lew: Showing three gadgets

    others: xiaomi alpha, realme 5, oppo vivo 5g and other better stuff

  10. a sturdy sd card with a hefty price, … well maybe if you are a wildlife photographer,

    the magnetic usb connection, ok, but not a revolution maybe a refinement,

    the magnetic power bank, well… nice for some ppl … (I know only apple user, who are in the need of a power bank – must be coincidence …)

  11. You have too many mobile phone but not useable all of them can you give me a new phone because last 5 year I can't change my mobile.

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