5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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22 Comments on “5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra”

  1. I wonder what Apple will do now this year after seeing S20 ultra ! The bar is raised , I am interested to see is Apple going to do anything Revolutionary for next iPhone to challenge this beast or just be lazy as always

  2. I liked the Bixby button on the s10 I use it to launch spotify. Kinda bummed they got rid of it. I wish it was just a blank button you could map though. Instead of it being a 'Bixby' button. It's just an extra functionality button.

  3. If ultra has that much big display …..I am curious what would be the size of the upcoming note + display

  4. First time I used 120hz display on Sharp Aquos. It did well for several weeks, but i changed back to 60hz cause battery drained quickly 😅

  5. ASUS's Dex implementation on Padfone X was better and it came out in 2014 which an OLDER Lew reviewed. 😂🤣

    Go check it out if you wanna know what I mean.

  6. I'm still using a Nexus 6P as my daily driver which is a 4 year old phone. Still works well, just sometimes shuts down when battery goes below 15%.

  7. Huh… Have you not used an Android in a while? I have dragging screen down from anywhere on screen on my note8. Also the connections button bring reachable is also the same on my note8. Have you used Nova launcher?

  8. Black shark 3 pro which will be release on march 10 2020 will have a 7.2 inches display with2k resolution , 90hz refresh rate , 270hz respond rate and it's prize is even lower than the normal s20.

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