5 standout products from RSA 2020

The world’s largest security show, RSA, was held last week in San Francisco.  Over the week, tens of thousands of people flocked to the Moscone Center to check out the almost 800 vendors and hundreds of speakers to educate themselves on the latest and greatest in cybersecurity.

The theme of the show was “The Human Element” and that tag line could be seen on signage all over the Market Street area.  I thought it was a fitting message as most of what I saw from the vendor community was about making security technology easier to deploy and use.   

Five such examples are:

Cisco SecureX

Last year I wrote a blog post proclaiming endpoint detection and response (EDR) to be dead and replaced with XDR. My basic premise was that security technologies, such as EDR, can’t exist in isolation as they only see a small piece of the overall puzzle.  Fellow CSO blogger John Oltsik has a similar view of the world, although he calls it SOAPA. Whatever the name, the point product approach is overly complicated, has many blind spots, and leaves organizations open to breaches. Cisco’s SecureX addresses the human element by taking a platform approach to simplify operations. In my…


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