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  1. I want to upgrade my pc but I’m paranoid about what my parents will think spending lots of money on components

  2. Bit of a pickle here since I would love to get the new Asus ROG Zephyrus G15….. even though that has yet to be released. what should I do?

  3. Hmmm buy "Made in the USA" gives new meaning to it all now, I know this stuff is not made here but maybe they need to rethink it all.

  4. Damn, was hoping to wait till later this year to upgrade my 10 year old laptop, once the new AMD processors are common.

  5. Lol it's funny how Nand prices are going up because filthy casuals in the mainstream finally want SSDs in their new products off the shelf. Meanwhile PC master race has been using them for like 7 years or something, can't even remember the last time I wanted a platter drive except for backups and cheap mass extra storage.

  6. Its not just a “badder case of the flue” now that’s bad media coverage. If you only hear what statistics tell then you get how bad it kills people.

  7. I don't NEED a new computer right now, but been thinking about it. Maybe I'll get one once the system starts running again and the glut of unshipped product hits the market and theres a huge price drop.


  9. 0:52 "if you're planning an upgrade, i would pull the trigger today rather than do it tomorrow."

    well my money is not in my pocket yesterday, today or even tomorrow

  10. Most people shouldn't be buying anything but essential foods and medication. If you can forecast the markets dropping like a rock and supply chain disruptions that eventually means furloughs and unemployment right behind. You will need cash and liquid assets and not 2080ti because they will be worthless in an economy where there is high unemployment.

    Working vaccines do not come in weeks; they usually take months and if not years to properly research and test before being administered to the general public. There is no chance a vaccine which doesn't have severe limitations will be ready in three to six months from today.

  11. Just bought a 2070 Super and Rift S a couple days ago. The 2070 I bought has been out of stock on Amazon since then, lol. Great timing I guess.

  12. I just build a brand new system the day before this video was uploaded. Feels good 🙂 I should go ahead and build that NAS I've been thinking about!

  13. so glad i'm right smack in the middle of my upgrade cycle and won't need to buy anything this whole year or the coming one. last item i bought to complete my build was my 500gb ssd when it dropped to $42.

  14. I am really impressed and pleased with the incredibly professional and neutral way in which Linus handled this delicate situation while still putting out a tip to consumers.

  15. Up here in Metro Vancouver, where Linus Tech Tips is located, on Saturday Feb 29, 2020, people at Costco and Save-On-Foods were doing PANIC BUYING of common and BASIC foodstuffs (Rice, Pastas, Boxed Juices, Cans, Frozen Veggies) to such an extent that at the Costco especially, whole shelving units were EMPTY of even items like Toilet Paper!

    Kirkland Toilet Paper is Costco's largest selling item and it was ALL GONE by Saturday mid-afternoon !!!

    So folks !!! This IS getting serious so I say you DO NEED TO STOCK UP ON FOOD and your electronics because this could get to be a real bumpy ride!

    I ALSO noticed at Costco, that people were doing PANIC BUYS of the cheap 42 inch 4K TV's and the large 10 inch and larger tablets and one staff member I overhead said they couldn't get ANY NEW stock of those models PERIOD !!! While many 42 inch flatscreens in North America actually come from Mexico, even they are being sold out and NOT replaced with new stock because component supplies have run out.

    AND one local online computer retailer I know has NO MORE 4 Terabyte SSDs and he cannot get ANY STOCK from ANYWHERE even from the Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand factories directly! He still has the more expensive 8 TB SSDs left, but he will run out in three weeks at his current customers' online order rates!

    He's got lots of DRAM in the 16 GB and 32 GB per stick range (no more 8 GB sticks though!) but even that he says he only has two months stock on hand and his wholesale orders have been scheduled for late April delivery at this time.It seems supplies of MANY computer sub-components ARE running out!

    In terms of motherboard components, the suppliers of motherboards have been switching over to ALL-Japanese components but that will nearly double the prices. One MAJOR corporate office where I know some inside people in Toronto and Calgary have bought up almost EVERY AMD EPYC-series cpu allocated to Western Canada for their server setups. The wholesale markups (i.e. non-retail prices for corporate clients) have jumped 25% to 30% already on the higher-end Server CPU's of BOTH AMD and Intel!

    ESPECIALLY get your DRAM sticks now as supplies are only available for about another 6 to 8 weeks and THAT IS IT — Samsung and Micron are going flat out on the factories they do have in other parts of Korea, Taiwan, USA, Singapore and Germany for DRAM and NAND components !!! One Canadian supplier I have heard is contracting for an ACTUAL Made-In-Canada DRAM chip factory in the near-Toronto area for midrange 8 and 16 GB sticks and maybe some smaller supplies of 32 GB ECC server DRAM sticks! When production is being moved BACK to North America (i.e. Canada/USA) THAT MEANS serious things are happening!


  16. I always wanted to get a gaming pc and asked my dad. Obviously he said no which I understand but when I tell him I’ll work for it, he said I can’t get a job or earn money in any way.

  17. I am planning a new build, but I just don't have the option to go for it now. Looking more like 6 months from now, hoping things have recovered a bit by then.

  18. They are just using this as a reason to price gouge. Legitimate or not. Same as oil companies and gas prices.

  19. "Why not a case, some tools and restarting from scratch?! Badmington is skyrocketing, huh?!" 🗨😷🏸

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