FINALLY Wireless Headphones that Sound GREAT – Massdrop x THX Panda

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49 Comments on “FINALLY Wireless Headphones that Sound GREAT – Massdrop x THX Panda”

  1. Linus: "They don't have all the modern amenities we've come to expect on wireless headphones"

    Me: Sighs and looks at his flaking wired skull candy headphones from 2015.

    Also Me: Its time to upgrade! Die wallet!

  2. I honestly don't get how anyone can defend the sound quality of the QC35. They are much worse than a no-name £30 headphones. You're paying £250 for at most a £25 pair, the rest is pure branding and noise cancellation

  3. Btw. yesterday february 12 2020 they made a post that they are making the polster on the top thicker.

    Just ordered them. So excited.

  4. So apparently they are great wireless headphones… until you use them for gaming and HAVE to use a wired clunky boom microphone. (Sarcastic Slow clap, Drop)

  5. Man, I hate just getting buzzwords as opinions. Like nothing against you guys, just in general – "warm" "sharp" "loose" just don't have universal meanings and I've seen people, including myself, thrown off by someone else's idea of "warm" or "full." I tend to lean more heavily into reference freq. Response graphs, ranges, and visual stuff, probably half because of that.

  6. Thanks, I have to try these out, I bought the 1000m2 but I thought they were poor in how much sound came from them….

  7. 10:50 to 11:40 So they're what I was hoping my sony mdr1000x's would be. Will keep that in mind. Especially the fact that I usually only use my mdr1000x's in wired mode because the wireless just doesn't compete and kinda defeats the purpose of them. I only use this for my laptop, and don't mess with any software on them, or much of the touch controls, in fact I hate that they activate cortana so easily, and I wasn't actually looking for the noise cancelling, that was just a bonus to me (and even then, I don't think I like noise cancelling). Happy I saw this video.

  8. Sometimes I like hearing the music when the headsets are on my neck. When you have good speakers that can pass as ones outside your ears, that's an easy buy for me.

  9. Linus, you should do a 6 month update on durability. I loved my Skullcandy Hesh 3 headphones for their incredible sound for their price range, but now I've broken 2 pair. The forks holing the earcups snap under normal wear and tear. They're obviously a cheap plastic, and I'm interested to see how these hold up, given the earcups are only attached on one side and they appear to be plastic.

  10. linus is the type of guy to own 7 pairs of airpods for each day. 30 computers for each month. and 365 private satellites and islands. and still complain that headphones dont pause when you take them off

  11. I wish he would say more about the construction quality. I sleep with my Boses every night. They've been through an actual warzone and they never buckled or bent. They're just solid. How do these compare in that regard?

  12. Are these as good as my trusted & heaviliy used Audio-Technica M50x headphones? These are known to have been used in studio recordings, yet not the only miodel or brand. Plus has 3 different cables in the box. Only con, although corrected by an entire another headset by Audio-Technica.

    Can't speak for many more expensive brands, nor any wireless headphones, however if it came down to it, would buy the same Audio-Technica headset in the bleutooth model (am unsure of version, although am sure at least 4.2, if not 5.0).

    Is this honestly a better alternative for someone who uses headphones for half of the day, every day? Thanks for any comments.

  13. Liking and commenting everyday untill I get noticed, linus has so much surplus stock at which he would consider to be 'dead' 'outdated' which would still kick ass over the computer I have built for free and which I could afford!! Please Linus help a brother out as said from one of your videos on scrap yard wars…. ' if you ever wanted to pass it forward and help a brother out' day 5

  14. Wait, do other headphones pause when you take them off? Earbuds – sure, but I've never seen headphones do that. I have WH-1000XM3 and I used Bose 700 for a bit and neither of those pauses.

  15. Flat reference monitors (speakers or headphones) do not necessarily sound "analytic and flat". Foremost, like said here, they recreate the original sound as exactly as possible. So, if one's listening mixed and mastered music, one gets to hear it in it's full glory. If there's too "sparkly highs" it's either mixed badly or one has mid-scooped/high-boosted drivers on one's monitors.

  16. Well, they do cost 350€ so they better not look like some gimmicky space-age bullshit lol

  17. THe product design is quite awful though. THey look like working headphone you use when working with power hard tools or so. BIg and Bulky

  18. OH my god… I was just looking into the Oppo PM-3's! Glad to hear they're design excellent and driver engineering didn't go to waste; and that's the third company I was gonna call out on their design language cues that got borrowed for these, uh, Pandas… the Oppo's.

    Sick! Gonna have to check these out now as I've never heard a planar driver headphone. Kinda worried I won't be able to go back, but hey, yolo right? Can't wait.

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