How A Google Reconsideration Request Can Be Performed

A Google Reconsideration Request can be sent whenever your website is restricted in Google's index because of receiving a notice about some unnatural links. By submitting a Google Reconsideration Request, Google will re-index your website and show up in the SERP rankings if the request has been accepted from Google.

Here are the steps that have to be followed for performing a Google Reconsideration Request.

Read Google Webmaster Guidelines thoroughly

A detailed reading and understanding of Google Webmaster Guidelines are required for the website owners before submitting a reconsideration request to Google.

Some of the key highlights that are considered to be against the Webmaster practices include:

  • Numerous link exchanges
  • The links that goes to low quality sites from your website domain
  • Links that are embedded within the widgets
  • Links that are included in footers within multiple sites

Modify your website so as to make it compliant with the Webmaster Guidelines

By modifying the website so as to make it compliant with the Webmaster Guidelines, the businesses are improving their chances of getting re-indexed again in the Google search engines that will considerably help them improve their link popularity and receive better search engine rankings in the future .

Site verification has to be done within Google's Webmaster forum

Website owners will have to do site verification within Google's Webmaster forum.

For verifying the site,

  • Navigate to 'Reconsideration Request'
  • Fill the form provided

Clearly explain the steps you have taken to make your website eligible for reconsideration

The website owners will have to clearly explain the steps they have taken to make the website eligible for reconsideration. You will have to keep in mind that the reasons you provide will be read by a representative of Google who will be in charge of these reconsideration requests. So be sincere, precise and complete in the information you provide about the measures you have taken to make the website eligible for reconsideration. The changes have to be documented very clearly by providing them with screenshots, links to a Google Spreadsheet etc to convince them about the changes you have actually made. Ensure that you provide them with correct information since Google has all the ways to verify whether your website actually complies with their guidelines or not. Avoid sending multiple posts with the same request unless there is any new information about the changes made that the website owner would wish to share with them.

Wait for the Response

The website owners will have to wait for at least two weeks to get a response as an email from Google regarding the reconsideration request sent for them as a means to get the website re-indexed within the Google search engines for better rankings.


The above mentioned steps have to be followed in a clear manner as a means to send Google a Reconsideration Request by the website owners whose website have been restricted within Google search engines because of receiving a notice about unnatural links if any.

William Hills

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