iPhone 12 Could Be Delayed Until October

Apple is expected to announce its new-generation iPhone lineup in September, as per the company’s typical release calendar, but according to a new report, sales are unlikely to start the same month, but in October.

This is because of the production struggles experienced by Apple’s suppliers due to the coronavirus outbreak, as many Chinese companies have suspended activities or reduced the output to minimize the risk of infection.

A report from Digitimes reveals that the production of the new iPhones could begin late as well, with one to two-month delay now expected. This means the next-generation iPhones could hit the shelves in October – Apple typically unveils the new iPhones in early to mid-September, while sales then start in approximately two weeks.

This year’s iPhone generation is projected to include at least one 5G model, while also making the switch to OLED entirely.

iPhone 9 delay

A separate report that made the headlines this weekend indicated that the iPhone 9 could also experience a delay. Also referred to as the second-generation iPhone SE, the new iPhone 9 was scheduled to see daylight as soon as this month, but now sources familiar with the matter said the device could hit a delay of several months.

This means the iPhone 9 could be announced alongside the iPhone 12 in the fall, although for now, it’s not yet clear when sales of this model are supposed to start.

iPhone 9 is a device based entirely on the iPhone 8, featuring a similar body and design. It won’t come with Face ID, but rely on Touch ID integrated into a front-facing home button.

For the time being, however, Apple hasn’t confirmed any of the details here, and given the FBI-like secrecy that the Cupertino-based company loves so much, don’t expect information regarding its release plans to leak anytime soon.


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