The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop!

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The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop! 1
The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop! 2
The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop! 3
The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop! 4
The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop! 5

42 Comments on “The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop!”

  1. See this would be useful for those apps that can only be used on mobile effectively like Instagram. Hope on Instagram on this thing and make stuff for it on my work station and just email em over and upload. I'd get it just for that.

  2. If only Samsung would complete the dex system experience. It's like the note series they need to finish the apps that use the stylus to a useful level, instead still make a limited scratch pad that doesn't even contain the best features of the previous version. Then to top it off they curve the side of the screen so you can't use the entire screen for writing on.

  3. The Chinese manufacture Smartisan had tried this kind of product in 2018??? Smartisan TNT, also good looking ,convinient, easy to us

  4. You don't even need to buy a laptop to use DeX this way. You just need a monitor and a keyboard and you can do all of these with your Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S and Note series phone.

  5. I really like the idea smart phone and dumb dock. this device kinda justifies having a powerful CPU in a phone. the big cons here is the inability to use any phone with it.

  6. Whats the point? If i have to carry a 3lb dock for my phone, then i might as well just carry my laptop…

  7. If I did not have my laptop already I would have just got this. What I need my laptop for is typing documents and multitasking which can be done by this device. This is really awesome.

  8. Microsoft can steal this concept so that their Windows phone can make a comeback again and dominates against the iPhone and Android phones

  9. If you already own a laptop and a Samsung phone, simply install Samsung Dex in your laptop and you get the same experience. You don't need to buy this.

  10. I wish it to be connected with wireless and not to be stuck on samsung, at minimum to be in all android devices.

  11. As a college student, I think this could be a perfect replacement for the common $1000 "notebook"…could still run Word , Excel, OneNote and even Matlab all through your phone… Yea I have a Samsung Note, but theres no way I'm SPen'ing my classnotes … I want one!

  12. Does it work with Excel? Or the other programs in the office suite? That would be the only major selling point for me.

  13. What they should have done is just made a cut out where the trackpad is and you just dock your phone where the trackpad goes and use your phone as a trackpad.👌

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