The OPPO Watch Will Feature Impressive Specs for an Apple Watch Clone

There are way too many Apple Watch clones out there, but the Chinese over at OPPO think they can build a lookalike model not necessarily to be marketed as a cheaper version of the real deal, but to actually compete against it.

This is why the OPPO Watch comes with truly impressive specs that you wouldn’t otherwise expect on a device that is so obviously inspired by the Apple Watch.

The watch will feature a 1.91-inch hyperbolic flexible display and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut with 326 ppi pixel density. According to various reports, it could go live as soon as this week, as OPPO could release a public announcement on March 6.

By the looks of things, the OPPO Watch will be offered with a choice of two colors, namely black and gold, and feature capabilities that are also available on the Apple Watch, including an ECG app.

The Apple Watch is more or less the pioneer of ECG on smartwatches, but now similar features are available on a wide variety of models, including Chinese products.

Possible launch on March 6

Additionally, the OPPO Watch will also come with eSIM support, which pretty much means it’ll work independently from a smartphone. If right now the majority of smartwatches require an active phone connection to be able to pick up calls and send messages, eSIM support means such devices can double as a phone as well, reducing reliance on the connection to a handheld device.

Pricing details aren’t available for the time being, but expect the OPPO Watch to be more affordable than the Apple Watch Series 5 anyway. The latest-generation Apple Watch is available in the United States from $399.

What we still don’t know yet is whether OPPO plans to launch the smartwatch in international markets as well – features like ECG would require approval from health agencies in each country where the device is up for grabs.

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