The Ultimate Portable Everything Charger…

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The Ultimate Portable Everything Charger... 1
The Ultimate Portable Everything Charger... 2
The Ultimate Portable Everything Charger... 3
The Ultimate Portable Everything Charger... 4
The Ultimate Portable Everything Charger... 5

42 Comments on “The Ultimate Portable Everything Charger…”

  1. You should have a look on the HyperJuice. 4 Ports, capable of delivering 100 Watts, so you can even charge two laptops at the same time.

    Also, it's cheaper and not much bulkier, if not even smaller.

  2. not mentioning it takes up 3 power outlets??.. when you use it in a extention box.. and that scks balls.. sht design.

  3. 0:23 If there is one proof of a useful product here, then that's the Devialet Phantom Gold that I can spot everywhere around in Lews videos. I guess I need one too…!

  4. I mean i know that you are moving … But you can atleast sit in a place, please.
    My head spins when you continuously move

  5. Okay
    My hwauei matebook x pro 65w charger is 3/4 that size 😁
    So obviously this is not the smallest laptop charger

  6. Lew: the portable charger for everything

    Windows laptop user: crying in the corner with your barrel plug

  7. Could you possibly do a Luxxe pods review i don’t want to spend a lot on AirPods so I just want to know because I can’t find any review videos on it online

  8. How come this thing deserves a video, content quality is really bad from making water from air to stupid chargers.

  9. I was hoping to see a small travel charger that I could use to charge MacBook, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and external battery on the hotel nightstand over night. That product seems to be elusive.

  10. The volume of the Innergie is 3.8 in^3 and the volume of the eggtronics is 4.2 in^3…….. So why are we now saying that this is the smallest adapter????

  11. I often want to charge two things at once. All USB C would be great (too many devices use Micro USB still) but I end up taking two cables anyway.

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