UNFIXABLE Intel CPU Flaw – WAN Show Mar 6, 2020

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UNFIXABLE Intel CPU Flaw - WAN Show Mar 6, 2020 1
UNFIXABLE Intel CPU Flaw - WAN Show Mar 6, 2020 2
UNFIXABLE Intel CPU Flaw - WAN Show Mar 6, 2020 3
UNFIXABLE Intel CPU Flaw - WAN Show Mar 6, 2020 4
UNFIXABLE Intel CPU Flaw - WAN Show Mar 6, 2020 5

27 Comments on “UNFIXABLE Intel CPU Flaw – WAN Show Mar 6, 2020”

  1. I’ve actually been listening on Apple podcasts recently, it’s so much easier when you’re walking, but you miss the visual stuff

  2. Wish is going to be particularly screwed if they're held responsible for the knockoff trash on their site. I imagine every Chinese site is defecating bricks.

    They would get my sub and probably gain market dominance if they changed their name to that.

  4. I'm glad this vulnerability is limited to physical access, it bothers me that this failure can't be patched out.

  5. I bought a 128GB thumb drive from ebay to use as a drive to record live audio of productions we do. That piece of shit was only actually 8GB (showed up in system as 128GB and everything). It ended up costing me THOUSANDS of $$ in lost revenue due to lost audio files. I guess it serves me right for being a cheap ass. 🙁

  6. Star Citizen was never perceived as a game by the real fans. If you want a game version you buy Squadron 42 when it's ready.
    As a SIMULATOR, Star Citizen is 90% there and completely enjoyable…..if you have the flight stick, peddles, and a cockpit set of some sort. 👍😉

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  8. Make sure ya'll go sub to Terada, Support small content creators. 150k+ views on this video, yet no bump in his sub count.

  9. Good luck enforcing those counterfit laws on sites like Aliexpress, alibaba, and all those other Chinese-owned websites (Banggood, DHGate, etc).

  10. Just moved by curiosity I looked up telus plans.
    Do you seriously pay 95 $ a month for 10 GB of data?
    A family of 2 adults and 2 kids pay about 400 $ a month just for cell phone data?

  11. Intel has been "diversity" ruined by being in Portland, OR. What prize did they win, you ask? Terribly average products!

  12. I normally side with Linus but forcing ebay to be responsible for fakes is ridiculous. They provide a marketplace, they don't sell these products themselves, they cannot verify or check items themselves. They're essentially a glorified classified section. Would you hold a newspaper responsible for some guy getting ripped off thanks to their classified section? Or charge craigslist with murder when someone gets robbed and killed thanks to a fake craigslist ad? That's ridiculous. Instead, you should go after the sellers themselves, since you know, they're the ones actually responsible for selling fake goods. Edit: And you talk about your bad experience on eBay but you didn't even try to return the product?! That's all on you. That's the first thing you should have done.

  13. Its a little too easy (really) to return stuff purchased through ebay. Almost any excuse gets your money back.
    As primarily a consumer on ebay, thats great for me.
    The few things I have tried to sell on ebay quickly tought me to use another platform for selling, and I wasn't trying to sell anything iffy, just second hand but in good working condition.

  14. I'm no fanboy but Intel 'appears' to have a lot of flaws because their CPUs are more ubiquitous. I can assure you that when AMD processors become more widespread, there will be just as many flaws being found.

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