[Video] AMD's most important product ever – Ryzen 9 4900HS

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49 Comments on “[Video] AMD's most important product ever – Ryzen 9 4900HS”

  1. Me in the comments: Linus if you have a pc that you don't use can I get it?

    Linus: insert confused Linus face

  2. The power limit on the 9980hk is actually 90W…90W. Not even close to 45W. I think it was either HW Canucks or HWUnboxed found the AMD powered notebook pulls ~65W from the wall under load while the 9980hk notebook pulls 150W. That is huge. The amd laptop actually stands a chance at having usable battery life. Amazing

  3. amazon and newegg link is not the laptop, don't buy that one. pls share link to buy the laptop that is reviewed by LTT

  4. "But does it (ripped apart intel i9-9980HK 90W)?"….. "Yes, of course it does."

    A bit rewrite quote from R. Murdock employ of tl&ltt (29.march 2020)

  5. I mean fanboy or not, buying anything with an intel CPU in it, be it mobile or desktop, is objectively pretty damn stupid at this point (unless you desperately need nested Hyper-V virtualization right this moment).

  6. Linus, Question for you ! My current laptop sucks for Graphic design (I'm a graphic designer for 15 years)
    And last year myPC (Xeon3520 / 3,2ghz / 24gig DDR) just died, overheat!

    So for now i'm using my Asus K750J Laptop ! (17 inch, 1920×1080, Core i7 4770k, 8gig RAM/ 1TB HDD)

    But It's hard to work with illustrator or photoshop on this laptop. I just found your video here about the Ryzen 4900HS.
    My question is, does this laptop can run easily Adobe product (premiere, photoshop, illustrator) for graphic design, video editing and also huge illustrator vector jobs (like 4×8 road sign).

    I'm thinking maybe going with APPLE (Macbook pro) but with this review i'm not sure! What do you think??

    Thanks for your time!

  7. Considering my 9750h also beats that I9 score with 2 less cores and threads, and much lower turbo, that seems like a big problem for the premise of the video.

  8. so in regards to battery life (while doing everyday tasks), 10 hours give or take… but how many hours are we looking at while gaming? anyone have an estimate or approximation?

  9. No Ethernet port :(. why? Just for a few cents?
    But no webcam is a good thing. I don't want that anyone sees me nor do i want to see anyone else.

  10. I have a 3600X and I'm right now struggling to get my jaw up to my face again…. HOLY FUCK! Go AMD!
    Sat on a i5 2500k for 8+ years before I got this a month ago.

  11. I'd really like to know if the benchmark would change if all the vulnerability mitigations were turn off. At least for Intel.
    Side question: would be the same kick-ass performance with a 10xxx Intel i9?
    Full crowd applause to AMD and Asus for put together such a nice box of features.

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