[Video] Building the Ultimate CPU Cooler!

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[Video] Building the Ultimate CPU Cooler! 1
[Video] Building the Ultimate CPU Cooler! 2
[Video] Building the Ultimate CPU Cooler! 3
[Video] Building the Ultimate CPU Cooler! 4
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21 Comments on “[Video] Building the Ultimate CPU Cooler!”

  1. I don't know your names yet sorry but at 2.30 mins the lad talking (possibly Alex) then should have been an acter, I know a natural when I see one he's got real talent for acting hidden away 👍👌👍

    Another great video cheers guys loving your channel….

  2. That thing looks super deadly. I pray you double and triple check the wiring, because if you mess up even slightly, there could be a crispy Linus one day.

  3. Love the shout outs. But with this much time and money invested, why would you repair and use that old abused AC unit? Would have made a lot sense to use a new one.

  4. Rylie dont ever talk about welding again, sorry love you but you don't know the rest of the story. Welding is Sewing with fire. look up the various welding terms and you will see the definitions are the same as a seamstresstaylors terms.

  5. 2:05 – sometimes welding is "throwing a bunch of chemicals at things" 😉 You should check out explosive welding…

    Sometimes you just 'throw' the metal together –

    – that process, in much smaller form is found in many car engines, many valves are made like that so the best materials are used for the purpose (and cost).

    4:30, that's even better than what I was taught – to put a twist, or bend, on one end, so you don't accidentally poke a sharp end into your eye, or pick up the hot end in your bare fingers.

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