[Video] DIY Switch for Filthy Pirates

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24 Comments on “[Video] DIY Switch for Filthy Pirates”

  1. "designed by an electrical engineer" Oof, shots fired alex. I would like to see you design a motherboard!

  2. Not reeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyy sure you could advertise this as a Switch, as much as I know there's probably a purpose for titling the video as such. Alot of your "portable retro systems" are just a screen with buttons on the side, such as all the PSP copies in previous years. Good video otherwise highlighting these frustrating machines

  3. I'm fine with my GPi but the case looks nice and the face buttons and D-PAD actually seem to come from the 3DS of all places?

  4. Logic behind this video: switch is too expensive so let's buy this plastic thing with shitty build quality and no AAA games that's even more expensive than a switch.
    At this point you should really just get a hacked switch for retro games.

  5. ok what the heck …. "there's nothing else quite like it, doesn't it?"

    EVER HEARD of Retroflag GPi case … approach a bit different price different, better build quality, true retro look, cost just a bit more than a fourth of the Lyra price (70$, been around for a bit more time … has WiFi and BT (provided you use a Zero W ) although use a RPi Zero (W or non W ), which is the only cons, with the screen size ) since a Zero W offer less oomph than a CM3L transfert the roms via shared network

    i am using one i got in a full bundle, 100ish $ for bundles, with a Zero W (well actually got 2 Zero W with although it was mentioned only 1 in the delivery, yaaay free stuff), 4 Panasonic Eneloop Pro (use 3 but can be powered externally from a powerbank via the include cable), one uSD 32gb UHS-I U3 card, play all retro games from consoles i owned up to the PSX (and if it's above a PS2 it's not retro enough)


    tho if the maker of the Lyra were smart … they wouldn't use a RPi CM and just mod a RPi4 or a RPi 3 A+ like a Zero used in the GPi case, the Zero need to be a without GPIO pin for a Pi 4 it would need more extensive work but for a 3 A+ just like a Zero, removing GPIO pin header and using a Pogo pin contact board in the Lyra (and lower the price by at least half what they ask for the actual model)

  6. I see that as a waste of money, not only it's really low specs but It's limited.
    I think it would be wiser to buy a cheap android phone and play retro games on it.

  7. That's a ridiculous pricetag. For that money you can get a cheap Android phone + controller with phone holder and do the same, just better.
    And I've actually built a mobile retro gaming console based on a Pi Zero W (with WiFi and Bluetooth) for like $50 in materials; just mine also has an HDMI out, for a Switch type experience.

  8. Is this a good pc?:
    Ryzen 7 3700x
    Rtx 2070 super 8gb
    16gb ram 2666
    512gb ssd
    I'm asking because i was planning on buying one with theese components.

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