[Video] Don't game with a generic mouse! – Mid-Range Gaming Round Up!

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[Video] Don't game with a generic mouse! - Mid-Range Gaming Round Up! 1
[Video] Don't game with a generic mouse! - Mid-Range Gaming Round Up! 2
[Video] Don't game with a generic mouse! - Mid-Range Gaming Round Up! 3
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48 Comments on “[Video] Don't game with a generic mouse! – Mid-Range Gaming Round Up!”

  1. For years, I'd used a Logitech corded gaming mouse (don't like wireless mice, which at best can work as well as a corded one but are subject to interference, battery life, and lag issues that corded mice will never have), which costs a bunch but usually lasted 5 to 7 years of heavy duty gaming. Last time I needed a replacement, I went with a fairly expensive Corsair gaming mouse that was a complete dud (it totally died within a year). Next I found a couple of different cheap, under $15 corded mice from Amazon that both work great, have an excellent feel, have adjustable DPI settings, nice LEDs, and last at least 3 or 4 years! They are so cheap I just keep 2 or 3 of them on the shelf as spares for anyone in my household. I'm done with Corsair and buying overpriced gaming mice forever!

  2. My recommendation is the razer viper ultralight, it's 80$ but the weight is perfect for me plus the extremely light wire

  3. Meh I need quiet mouse that's very good quality with amazing sensor : x I don't need "satisfying click" coz those are loud ewwww.

  4. Linus shows he has zero clue about what a good mouse is.
    check out Rocketjumpninja channel instead of this idiocy

  5. Too bad every gaming mouse has a horrible shape. Don't get why they can't make a gaming mouse with a standard shape.

  6. Tip for anyone with a logitech G600, it's a little heavy because theres some kind of idiotic balance weights screwed to the inside top, crack it open, take them out and suddenly it's a much more workable mouse.

  7. It's easy to find wired mice for large hands, or wireless mice for small hands, but it's nearly impossible to find a wireless mouse for large hands that has more than 3 buttons and doesn't cost $90+.

  8. You should have taken more "MMO mouses". It's been years since the G600 has been released. Im using it and i love it. Years before, there was not so much choices for this kind of mouse. G600 or the razer one with 6 buttons. Thats it.( now you can get 12 on this last one).
    It could be great to present theses mmo mouses because, now, there is a plenty of them !

  9. I used the Razer Deathadder for a good 5 years until it finally broke and swore by it saying it's the only mouse you'd ever need, and then I switched to the HyperX Pulsefire Surge because the Deathadder was out of stock when I went to buy a new one. I have to save I was pleasantly surprised. At first, it felt weird because it was so much smaller than the DeathAdder, but now I like it a lot, and the RGB is nice to have.
    All in all I'd probably still prefer the Deathadder if I'm completely honest, but I have no complaints about the pulsefire at all.

  10. surprised no diamondback mentioned… i jumped from deathadder elite to diamondback and honestly it is better for quick response gaming like insurgency etc

  11. didn't include the 50 dollar amazing modle o/o- they are so good and very low weight check them out there by glorious pc master race

  12. anyone know how to fix a problematic Scroll wheel? my Strix Claw is starting to act up… probably because I leave it unused for a while and it got covered in dust.

  13. You missed the best one in the price range, corsair harpoon rgb wireless. Can work wireless or wired, has blue tooth and a 2.4ghz dongle rgb controllable through the icue software

  14. G600 rocks. I’m on my second one after 3 years of 24/7 use. Excellent mouse. I’ve never accidentally pressed a side button while lifting it. I’ve had great success playing FPS games too. Get one, and unleash your inner macro.

  15. Actually I use an ergonomic gaming mouse that's from an off brand manufacturer and it's amazing. Best damn mouse I've ever purchased.

  16. "There's no such thing as a perfect mouse"
    Coolermaster mm710 and mm711: chuckles

  17. I understand that you don’t like the ReDragon Impact, but to say it’s the worst to the point of not even linking it in the description is kind of dumb IMO. I personally use it & quite like it. I think what mostly annoys me is that you didn’t even explain what about it fails, specifically.

  18. G305: If you are not a kid or a girl, forget it. This mouse is super small and I could not use it properly even though I don't have large hands. Would suggest the G403 or G502 If you like the odd design and button layout of the latter one. Or even the new MX518. I have the G403 as my "everywhere" mouse as I take it with me to work, to university, etc., it's really good at that.

  19. Tecknet M009 gaming mouse. Weighted and 5 side buttons. 4 DPI settings. all programmable. 20$. I see NO one ever reviewing it and its the best mouse ive used for gaming, mainly for how the buttons conform around your thumb. fuck every single one of those other mouses, they all look and feel the same.

  20. Video idea:
    Try putting a pc and a monitor inside one of those 20-year-old big monitors

    Im sure he is going to ignore this

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