[Video] How BAD is a BestBuy Gaming PC?

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[Video] How BAD is a BestBuy Gaming PC? 1
[Video] How BAD is a BestBuy Gaming PC? 2
[Video] How BAD is a BestBuy Gaming PC? 3
[Video] How BAD is a BestBuy Gaming PC? 4
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38 Comments on “[Video] How BAD is a BestBuy Gaming PC?”

  1. Unlimited budget gaming PC really!? Any eta on that? I am kind of saving for something like that right now. as in getting a 3970X over a 3990 because people told it is better for gaming then the more pricey one.

  2. Building your own pc its everytime way better and cheaper but i guess not everyone its in love with tech like us and know to buy the best and and build it so yeah

  3. I got new MSI GF65 gaming notebook with GTX 1660 Ti equipped for $950. How's your Gaming PC even "Gaming" without video card?

  4. Especially with deals like Black Friday it's not always a bad idea to get a pre-built pc. I built my first PC, but for my second one I decided to be lazy and get one pre-built. Honestly, I'm really happy considering I paid just as much as it would cost for all the components separately. Came with a RTX2080 too.

  5. I'm not saying your other videos are bad but this one is particularly well made and informative. Budget and smart choices always excite us more. Do more of these!

  6. Bought my pre-built back in 2018.. from Walmart, for $900 (Canadian)
    Came with a i5-7400, GTX 1050, 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM, 300W PSU.
    Have since upgraded from the 1050 to a 1660 Super AMP edition, the power supply from the 300W to a EVGA 500W, an threw in a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD.
    Next I want to get a new case with better air flow (more fan spaces) also wouldn't mind eventually upgrading the CPU with a new motherboard, and getting dual channel 16GB RAM.
    (So basically building an entire new PC)

  7. It'd be nice to know the final purchase price (with shipping) of the tuned built-PC. Of course the it's close to the dell and those are good gains, but budgets still matter.

  8. My first gaming computer was bought for 400 dollars at Best Buy. I don't remember the specs. I unboxed it, plugged everything in, and it didn't boot. I took it back, got the same computer instead of a refund thinking it was just a dud. The replacement didn't even POST. I got a refund and bought a used computer off Craigslist for 450. Worked like a charm and I have given it numerous upgrades in the four years since then.

  9. Just a heads up… this video is bogus AF… I purchased a cyberPower PC assembled from consumer grade "name brand" upgradable aftermarket parts from Best Buy in store for just under $1,000 and it came with a Gigabyte AX370 MoBo, RX 580 4GB GPU, RYZEN 5 2600 6CORE CPU with a decent heatsink*, 8GB XPG 3200 RAM, 750W PSU, 250GB SATA3 SSD, 1TB DATA DRIVE, and a very nice case , keyboard, mouse, mousepad *as well as a gift by mail 12"x10" gaming pad as a bonus two weeks later and a respectable warranty to boot… so I think the shopper didnt even look at the stuff around her within that price range to compare after the recommended PC… I have no problem finding a decent "upgradable" PC in multiple Best Buy's I've been in within the last year for less than $1,000… I've since then put additional $$ into it with a RAM kit, and an NVMe drive a few months later… that model Dell was most likely sitting right next to my PC on the shelf… LAME

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