[Video] How Much Should You Spend to play Half Life Alyx?

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[Video] How Much Should You Spend to play Half Life Alyx? 1
[Video] How Much Should You Spend to play Half Life Alyx? 2
[Video] How Much Should You Spend to play Half Life Alyx? 3
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  1. No AMD card test of any kind….again, 8GB memory might make quite a difference especially with the Sapphire Nitro + 480/580 for example.

  2. Yet another VR whatever review/video, where no comparison is made to using the HP Reverb? The Reverb pisses from a great height on all of these headsets. This video is pointless like so many others. What is it you have against the Reverb?

  3. Why did you leave out windows mr? Like the Samsung odyssey which is on par display wise with the index

  4. Also change the textures in settings. The fidelity doesn’t do too much if you go into the advanced settings you can change it I was thinking the same thing when I first tried it. Then I turned all my settings up went into advanced and made sure my textures are put up to Max. That’s when it makes a difference and looks way way better

  5. why anyone wanna spend there hard earn cash on VR is ….. just insane Strange to me … VR is stupid and pointless and just BAD

  6. I don't know if Linus realized but the texture quality is a separate setting from the overall fidelity setting. You have to go into the advanced performance settings to change it.

  7. Running a 1080 hybrid on an I7 8700 with 32gb of ram. Only using the Oculus rift but no issues running on High Fidelity and SS at 105%.

  8. Is there any game that's even wort retail price let alone hundreds or thousands of dollars?
    Cause I have yet to see one

  9. Linus just needs a excuse to steal 5 grand of hardware from the office for his home computer setups just to film 1 video

  10. I'm playing with a HP Reverb on a 5.0ghz 7700k and 1080ti. I'm running rock solid smooth on ultra and everything looks fantastic. The controllers aren't the best but they work fine.

  11. Linus would you think, from a technical standpoint, the psvr would be capable to run half life alyx? Great vid!

  12. Realistically, these graphics do not look much better than Half Life 2.
    Shows Model from Half Life 1
    Clearly much better than any model from Half Life 1 or 2

  13. You kinda crapped on the Quest. It was your cable or connection that was bad, not the Quest. I use a Party Link 10ft cable ($20) and have had zero problems with it. My Quest is about dead even with my CV1 in Link with the exception that the FOV feels slightly narrower on the Quest. (I'm running a 6850k, 32GB 3200 RAM, GTX1080FTW, and the Party Link is connect USB C directly into my MSI X99A Gaming Titanium mobo.)

    People, you don't have to spend $1k on a headset or be tethered by a Rift S. The Quest is an extremely capable PC connected headset and it's ability to stand alone has been a great experience for me. My first 3yrs in VR I spent tripping over or getting choked by the cables on my CV1. Even though VR is way worth the tripping hazard the experience of being able to go out on my deck in the evenings and play Beat Saber is awesome (Quest cameras can't track in sunlight. You need to be under a roof or awning and the sunlight can't be at an angle where a lot of it is shining in underneath and reflecting off things.)

  14. Linus, I dont comment much but if anyone can let linus know ive posted this it would mean a lot..

    Having been quarantined myself to to suspected covid19 infection, you and about 3 other youtubers are whats keeping me sane at the moment, some quality content, whilst still funny and wickedly interesting and educational too

    It's keeping me sane throughout not being able to even visit my family, my daughter, or anyone

    You guys keep it up! <3

  15. 17:12 I confused. Does he mean Rift Quest instead of S because wireless capability is more immersive than very high refresh display?

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