[Video] Huawei Mate Xs Unboxing – Whoa.

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  1. DO NOT DROP! No thanks. I gotta have a case. My note is cracked on both sides, hanging in there for the next upgrade.

  2. if i had this thing i would make it my daily device but there's a problem. i don't know if it happens to this one but the part of the screen that's fold's will get damaged more then the non folding screen part

  3. Every foldable phone reviewer mentions the crease on the screen on that particular phone . So by lew not mentioning this in this review we can assume it doesn't have one?

  4. Great video. Im not the type of person to leave comments and i been watching your videos for a while. Maybe a total of four comments = zero responses. It would be nice to see images and videos in darker places. You are in a studio surrounded by lights. Thank you

  5. Huawei > Samsung. Samsung needs to learn this: A phone needs to be a PHONE, not a tablet that can make phone call.

  6. give a look to the new xperia one mark II looks promising, seems like they fixed everything they got wrong last year

  7. I would like for Huawei to grab their design, and polish it from generation to generation, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel each year. I still can’t get a centered USB-C port both horizontally and vertically.

  8. I would worry about the fold braking like how the DS would brake if u don't remember the DS it would brake and the DS would become wobble

  9. Mirror mode. U can see ur face on the rear screen when someone takes a photo of you so you see exactly how you look

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