[Video] It's Like A Bathtub For Your Smartphone…

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26 Comments on “[Video] It's Like A Bathtub For Your Smartphone…”

  1. riping off people in times of crises
    leave your phone in sun for some minutes it will get the real uv ray

  2. How to clean this phone soap device after you touched it with your hands that have germs !😂should we put it in another device that cleans the phonesoap and so on ?

  3. Be interesting to record a phone video while inside of both devices to compare what’s going on in there.

  4. But the package and outside the device are still dirty because you touched it before you put your phone in it

  5. ⚠️NOTICE⚠️ The moment you are reading this, people are dying from the deadly disease, called the Coronavirus. To prevent from catching this, was your hands often, do NOT touch your face (Eyes, nose, & mouth.), and avoid crowds and public places. Have fun, BUT be safe.

  6. This item was introduced like 5 yrs ago in "shark tank"
    Back then it was like $60.
    Looks like their sales took off since then.

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