[Video] PewDiePie! – We built you a gaming PC!

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33 Comments on “[Video] PewDiePie! – We built you a gaming PC!”

  1. Linus: "those celebrity PCs… and takes a freekin year to build it"

    Jayztwocents has boarded a plane to British Columbia

  2. Does the PSU have a 240 volt capacity, i'm presuming it does have dual voltage or will Pewds need to get a 240v to 12v step down transformer ?

  3. Heya Linus, that current spike issue is actually very very easy to fix. A 24v capacitor (you always leave tolerance headroom) across the 12v rail that gate controller occupies will effectively increase the available "spike cushion" for those types of load, which will keep the power supply from panicking when the gate switch is actuated!

    Please upvote in the hopes they see this before sending it out! 😀

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