[Video] Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Exynos vs Snapdragon.

The Snapdragon and Exynos Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are very different smartphones…


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  1. Ok so now i know that if i end up getting the ultra as my next phone ill refund any exynos… even tho i dont really play mobile games, thats bs and samsung need to stop doing that
    But well im still waiting to see how asus rog 3 or the iphone 12 before i jump into conclusions, who knows maybe even the note 20, it all depends on how these turns out (PS: i hate this newer cameras/camera ridiculous bumps…)

  2. Let's just break it clear here, I'm not a fanboy of Samsung but where i live the s20+ (exynos ver.) Has a price of 730$ while in the US it's around 1200$ for the snapdragon ver. Of the same phone which is like insane ! I mean yeah the snapdragon version is all better and good but the price gap is way too huge for a consumer like me.
    Fun fact : the iPhone 11 pro (64 gb) is sold here for 1070$ that's why Samsung or the other Chinese mobile companies are nailing the market here.

  3. I like your work, you are smart able to see clearly between the details, I like it. Thank-you.
    There is another issue, the screen touch during games where juming is needed repeatedly Exynos fail badly, I miss some jumps and lose the game. Snapdragon is far more serious reliable no issues. Kirin from Huawei do not have this issues, it runs smooth. I don't understand how Samsung don't care about consumers complains? Nowadays most of consumers want a nice Phone, that it is.

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  4. Also the reason either can't do 1440p 120Hz is cause the Exynos 990 can't output that. Same Reason why the Note 10 can't do 90Hz is because the 9825 can't do it. Snapdragon has supported 1440p 120Hz since the 835

  5. Either way they’re both good CPUs and will work perfect with the new phone. You won’t notice the difference

  6. I pre ordered the S20 and of course Sammy sent me their Exynos version…… i won't be doing that again.
    Always wait a bit longer for videos like this before rush buying.

    Even comparing the camera to my old S6, and guess what

    My S6 does a better job at focusing and has is giving better photos.

  7. I love how you take advantage of the top and bottom of the screen so there are no bars like with other youtubers

  8. I was thinking of buying S10+ or S20 but after this video either i get the snapdragon variant or iphone

  9. I got the exynos note 9 games and stuff is still pretty good there is just one game that started to lag Hella much. I'm in the UK how would I off even got a Snapdragon note 9

  10. imagine buying gaming pc with geforce 2080ti but they ship you pc with 2060 super and expect you to accept it for the exact same price 😐

  11. I have had enough of this Samsung stupidity.I will never buy another Samsung phone in my life unless they change the chip to snapdragon it is ridiculous they give American snapdragon but they treat European like idiot with there stupid slow chipThat is unacceptable. I will change to 1 +.
    I was buying a note version every year no more Samsung will get money.

  12. How to get the realme x2 pro for 16k
    Flipkart note gives 4k instant discount for exchange and I exchanged it with an old redmi note 5 and that reduced the effective price by 20.6k and then I paid it with my axis Bank premium card which gives 20% instant discount for anything that you buy online no matter from which site you buy so the cost will be 16.5k and some times it can go to 14.8k if Flipkart provides 10%discount for axis card which they do for almost all sales so that means you get Octa core (2.96 GHz, Single Core + 2.42 GHz, Tri core + 1.8 GHz, Quad core)

    Snapdragon 855 Plus

    6.5 inches (16.51 cm)

    1080×2400 px, 405 PPI

    Super AMOLED

    64 + 13 + 8 + 2 MP Quad Primary Cameras

    Dual LED Flash

    16 MP Front Camera

    4000 mAh

    VOOC Charging

    USB Type-C port and a 50w fast charging for 16k👋👋

  13. First reason why i subscribed is:you are very pro and interesting yt er when it comes for phones.Second reason:your giveaway.I am from Serbia (Europe) and only have 1 options Exinos.Btw another great video man.

  14. Most of the users won't even know their phone is nerfed because they only buy it because it's a fashion statement or status simbol. They don't really use the hardware to it's fullest.

  15. My S10+ will be the last Samsung phone I'll ever buy again until they put Snapdragon processors on all of their devices. Exynos on S10 is already shit, don't need to mention S20.

  16. exynos are also harder to lock down and are easier to dev for . look in xda you will find more exynos roms then snap roms

  17. That's why I abandoned Samsung after years of exclusively using it
    My current 400$ Chinese phone performs much better in every aspect compared to my S8

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