[Video] Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – What's The Problem?

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[Video] Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - What's The Problem? 1
[Video] Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - What's The Problem? 2
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46 Comments on “[Video] Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – What's The Problem?”

  1. I'm looking to upgrade my phone but was wondering should I upgrade to a 5g phone or wait just a lil longer!?

  2. I'm in Quebec Canada and were encouraged to stay home but we can go were we want and some restaurant are still open (as of March 20 2020)

  3. Round Rock, Texas. Working retail, so at work every single day. Moderate panic among public in regards to stockpiling resources.
    Schools, restaurants, public buildings, etc all closed.

  4. I'm a 1st responder. Unfortunately when it hits the fan, full brown, I have to kiss my family goodbye until the end of my shift; which can differ from day-to-day🙄. However, it's my "chosen" profession. My sacrifice for my community's safety. In Birmingham Alabama.
    Interestingly real. 👍🏾

  5. Hey. Fri, March 20th. New York right here. We are under the same kind of shut down starting 8pm on Sunday. It's a bad situation here in New York. Hope you're staying healthy and clean!

  6. Wichita, Kansas, US – I install internet for Cox (as a contractor) and we have been so busy installing people’s internet for working from home and for kids coming home from college (university) for their indefinite Spring Break. It’s weird being forced to be outside and going house to house for 12 hours a day while I read about people being stuck indoors for days on end.

  7. North of Ireland. 1 death 86 cases. Total lockdown of pubs clubs restaurants. Partial lockdown of schools and colleges.

  8. location: Sri Lanka

    cases: 300
    infected patients: 70
    deaths : 0

    emergency shut down for the whole country (curfew till next week to the whole country )

  9. Belmopan city in the country of Belize, Located in central america. I think we are the only country in Central America that Has 0 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Here in our country all schools are closed but some of our borders and airports are opened at the time. I would like you to compare a flagship to one of the best midrange phone to show us the real difference and if it actually worth it to be spending so much money on flagships smartphones. ( Based on Camera)
    I would like to see the Xiaomi note 10.

  10. So I am in Bulgaria and we have like 120 cases of the virus and 3 death cases we have to stay at home and our leaders are planning even bigger restriction like not being able to leave your city

  11. Location: Macedonia
    Cases: 70
    Deaths: 0
    Recoverd: 1
    Status: school, universities, shopping malls, restorants, caffes closed. on the verge of police hour, border's closed.

    Good Luck to you all

  12. Location: Brazil
    Cases: 904
    Deaths: 7
    Situation: non-obligatory quarentene, but almost all the public places are closed (schools, malls, universities…)

  13. Were in lockdown for 10days in kish island in south of iran and all i do is kissing my girl and watching youtube

  14. Try mate20pro i know its old but it had really good updates and its doing great, im in jordan we have 69 so far and no death, also total curfew can't go anywhere…

  15. Egypt
    285 cases
    8 passed away
    39 cured
    All is closed except pharmacies, supeemarkets.
    next phone to test p30pro 👍🏼

  16. In pakistan kpk province we are not isolated but conditions are controllable but people are suggested to stay indoors……😭😭

  17. Jamaica.
    16 cases ( it seems everyone is recovering)
    1 death ( complications from diabetes and hypertension)
    communities in isolation // business closing early // seating in public transportation and work is spaced. We still work, just less hrs

  18. Location: Brazil
    Cases: almost 700
    Kills: 11
    Healing: 0
    Status: Brazil is blocked. We cannot enter or leave the country. Schools, shopping malls and most businesses are closing, except pharmacies, hospitals and supermarkets

  19. Location: Belgium
    Cases: 2300
    Deaths: 37
    Situation: Public spaces closes, only allowed outside for essential stuff. Only allowed to go outside with max 2 people with at least 1.5m in between.

  20. This virus shit is so out of control…..people are acting stupid for NO REASON……y'all need to calm down and get a fucken grip man!!

  21. I live in Mallorca Spain 🇪🇸 for the moment we are supposed to be in isolation for 3 weeks but someone said that we might be like this till September which is mad

  22. Curitiba, Brazil – we only have 621 cases confirmed in the whole country, however our index of the corona virus growth it’s the as italy, so it should be getting bad any time soon

  23. Hi I’m in Puerto Rico in the 5th day of quarentine working from home. Everything is shutdown beside food, supermarket and pharmacies. We expeted to be like this until march 30 if the goverment does not extend it

    Death 0
    Infected 14

  24. Location: Dominican Republic
    Cases: 72
    Deaths: 2
    Under observation: 301
    Status : state of emergency national curfew from 8pm to 6am

  25. Location: Switzerland
    Cases: ~4900 (rising)
    Deaths: ~50
    Status: lockdown (except grocery stores and pharmacies (and themlikes)). Even though the gov decisons are ranked 1st prio, we have 26 cantons (i.e. states) that somewhere do decide on their own regulations, which leads to a lot of confusion. I assume it will all get much worse before it's going to be ok again… stay home, stay healthy, stay strong ❤

  26. Netherlands province limburg. Fail of the year by our govement is stating January saying Corona virus will not come. Because we don't have direct flights from China to the Netherlands. No shit Sherlock but maybe they come over by other flights like China->Great Britain – >Amsterdam

    Tested confirmed 2994
    Dead 30

  27. Location: Brazil
    Cases: 904
    Death: 11
    Status: Government declared state of public calamity
    We are quarantined

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