[Video] The $99 Apple AirPods Killers

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[Video] The $99 Apple AirPods Killers 1
[Video] The $99 Apple AirPods Killers 2
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28 Comments on “[Video] The $99 Apple AirPods Killers”

  1. Airpods was indeed a great invention and im thankful apple for it but considering the market it is you dumbest purchase as of now.
    EDIT: when i wanted to buy in ear headphones ofc i thought about airpods cuz i thought its the monster and nothing else looks as good as them. Luckily i still forced myself to check what else is out there and now im having a blast with huawei freebuds 2pro.

  2. Tbh this feels alot like iphone 5-era except that we thank god have some good comeptition now. Everyone wants Aidpods. Samsung buds are superior in literally any way.

  3. Thanks for getting right into the product. Love it. Not talking to other people for half the video.

  4. Man, Lew you've changed so much lately. We all miss your previous setup, where you sat and unboxed everything on the desk, those videos had a great vibe and enthuse to it! Please bring back those videos.

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