[Video] The TINY 1TB SSD

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[Video] The TINY 1TB SSD 1
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32 Comments on “[Video] The TINY 1TB SSD”

  1. Looks like the exact size drive needed to go into Microsoft's new external nvme storage "cards" for Xbox Series X, which are made by Seagate…

  2. This would be so cool if they managed to design a usb style slot for a laptop where you could plug this in for fast editing storage.

  3. "or should I be expecting performance….

    ….kinda like our sponsor, ridge wallet"

    wait. you didn't seg into your sponsor. That's illegal.

  4. Kind of unrelated but

    With a budget of 600 hundred euros I have 200 for the GPU, which would you suggest? I'm pairing it with a B450 MOBO and a Ryzen 5 2600 since Amazon has no 1600AF apparently

  5. but how about the endurance? I'm meant that's tiny form factor is probably not good enough to dissipate heat under the work load.

  6. How much would one of these set a SI back when buying in bulk? I’m wondering what is a “fair” markup to charge to 1 TB storage upgrades.

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