[Video] THIS is a power supply??

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  1. The video feels really rushed. You really ought to include some nice B-roll of both sides, without the glass reflections obscuring the vision. Because of the build being all-black it was really hard to see inside without proper lightning and not much from the front of the case could be visible. Whole point of the video, which is judging how much cleaner does the splitter make it, is effectively missing. We can't see shit there, Linus. Take your 5-10 minutes to film proper B-roll and it would be fixed.

  2. Oh god, another stupid non ATX custom power supply 😱😱😱😱😱!!!! Isn't it enough that Dell, HP and the lot all put non ATX compatible power supply units into their complete PCs???? No you have to make advertisment for that seasonic garbage… another company I have to be wary of and not buy from!!!

  3. Why isn't it sfx, i mean they had to of freed up space inside the box seems silly that it still is a full sized unit

  4. If you have so much money then just give me the cheapest gaming pc that can run gta 5 or any modern titles with ultra graphics on 100+ fps. Cause i am in bad need.

  5. Real question because I never knew if its just a myth or not but…isn't it kinda dangerous to have slightly strong magnets inside your case when there is an HDD close by?

    Or are they way too weak to do any damage?

  6. I just finished my first PC build and I couldn't have done it without you and Bitwit. Thank you so much for imparting the knowledge of your vast library of tech tips, sir Linus.

  7. this is similar to what sff builders have been doing for awhile now. use either an internal or external 12 brick with a dc-dc supply. frankly id rather use a modular sfx supply, as they are both tiny and go up to 750w. i think this is insanely huge and more complicated than it needs to be. sff enthusiasts at least had the excuse of very limited space to work with and needed to optimize layout.

  8. I want a PSU which will take unregulated 12V DC power, regulate the voltage, and convert to 3v, 5v etc. etc. so I can run my PC directly from my lead acid batteries which are part of my solar setup. Otherwise I've got to take 12V DC power, use an inverter to turn that into 240V AC, then switch it back to DC again in the PSU, causing me massive losses due to inefficiencies and power factor.

  9. Gross, took a page out of Samsungs book, as a tv repair tech, I've seen so many dead one connects from samsung.

  10. why why why use of rgp in those production desktops? for what? just extra cable clutter? get rid of it and the entire build was clean af.

  11. Is it possible to buy the both of these components separately, in case one happens to go out? I guess your not supposed to worry about airflow through the components in this, extension thing? Seems like stuff would get hot and run less efficiently. I’m really interested in this, looks pretty cool, seasonic plus are solid

  12. I can use this power supply i don't use a case , i use a video card box lol. So i know it will fit hehe, unfortunately its not in all stores yet i just checked mine.

  13. From a power electronics perspective, I don't see any advantage.other than thermal isolation AC-DC and DC-Dc conversion. but there is less air flow on the modular DC-DC conversion part!! Power electronics like to run cool. This a problem or a snake oil solution!!

  14. Hi, i was wondering if u could make a review over the TUF VG259QM monitor, its a 280hz, IPS, 1ms display. But its only about 450$. I was really stoked to see such a great monitor for its price, but why so cheap. U are always my go to reviewer and almoste no one else has reviewed this monitor.

  15. This is pretty stupid if it doesn't have any benefits beyond "it kinda look a bit better, maybe". The solution if you hate seeing cables is a case designed with routing channels to hide them.

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