[Video] Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD

Talking about the best current 2020 and future smartphones with MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)!

[Video] Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD 1
[Video] Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD 2
[Video] Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD 3
[Video] Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD 4
[Video] Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD 5

21 Comments on “[Video] Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD”

  1. Wrap around perks:
    selfie with the rear camera.
    View finder for people that you take pictures of.
    More input informasjon for applications and games.

  2. Your video was… a very nice collaboration. Your interview with another influencer was a wonderful idea!

  3. For me camera not important, camera they all very good on different phone, but all i worries about they performance and screen look

  4. What about the pop-up camera phones?
    Nice vid whosetheboss!
    What do you think oneplus 7t pro
    Or oneplus 7 pro?

  5. "They're up there with Apple with the tech" – Has he not noticed that all the Android manufacturers are way ahead of Apple in both hardware, software and tech know-how? Folding phones anyone? Periscope zoom anyone? 4k displays anyone? Dual display anyone? Quad DAC's anyone? Hello? Is this mic on???!!

  6. Hey you to im hope you test sony xperia 1 mark 2 because Sony is only Premium 4k hdr display mobil 3 times now and the doing better now 👍

  7. Mrwhosetheboss: I'm going to collaborate with MkbHD
    COVID19 : lol ,please do
    Mrwhosetheboss : it's gonna be an online collaboration
    COVID 19 : wait…. 🤔 give me a month or so….. I'm gonna find a way to spread through internet

  8. I have never heard anything so true. "Choosing your phone is like a journey". Even a nerd like me still finds themselves on that journey. That hunt for the "perfect fit".

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