[Video] Unbox Therapy Coronavirus Update

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  1. The only way I been impacted is that i can't go to the movie theater at the mall on Tuesdays when tickets are 3$, rather rest of the week tickets are 8$, because the theater and most parts of the mall is closed, except for the food court, for some odd reason

  2. Wrong the news is saying the young are affected too now. It’s not just about stoping this outbreak from happening and getting on top of it. It’s about overwhelming the hospitals by having people with the virus going to ERs on top of the everyday illnesses and injuries they still have. Making them pick and choose who they save. What would not be a life threatening injury could be someone’s death later because they couldn’t get help. Yes this can happen it’s already starting in Italy we need to stop being selfish and stay home. My other half should be in a hospital right now she has an infection in her lungs causing her issues breathing. She was given a breathing treat machine to do treatments every 4 hours. They sent us home because they fear if she stayed in the hospital she would get COVId-19 and being and Immunocompromised person she’s at risk. I am not. Think of those people not your self. Tho k of the people with other life threatening illness injuries not your self. Stop being selfish.

  3. I dont want this to happen but it might
    You better start watching the walking dead or any zombie virus related movie

  4. I have way to much to do home than to worry about going out. Once I finish my class (which is fast paced), I still have a lot around the house that I want to do plus I leave a three year old who loves to keep me busy. Plus me and my husband who loves to play video games with me after his work. My work place is closed but my husband works at a gas station so he is still working.

  5. a 21 year old soocer coach in spain died of covid 19. this virus dosen’t descriminate. it doesen’t care how old or young its victim is. it’s a virus and it can kill.

  6. I’m from the UK and just found out my exams for getting into Uni are cancelled so idk what to do but this is helpful

  7. I’ve been home since last Saturday. This is the best think that the country that I live in did. They shut down the border and also many cities.

  8. People are delusional. It took 3-4 months for China and South Korea to have things get better and stop the outbreak. 3 to 4 months!!!! We are behind. We are just starting now and you guys really think in a month we'll be back to normal? South Korea is more advanced. They set things into place after the previous viruses in the past. They were better prepared and took action fast. China went a gangsta and physically forced people to quarantine. A lot of countries have people walking around like nothing. I'm in London, UK. It's like normal with maybe 1/10 people having masks. That's how shitty we're dealing with it. So yeah, prepare for a few months of this.

    People just don't wanna accept this is possible to them or their country. And not to mention the upcoming recession. The economy is fucked. But continue to lie to yourselves. Watch everyone once that happens. They'll be saying they didn't know. I'm not saying it. This has been said since last year. And it's only guaranteed now with the virus.

  9. UK government is pissing me off. We might see riots eventually whether it's with this or the economy once we start to see things get better. But the reality is every major country would have to have near to 0 cases to even open borders or else it will just spread more and more and keep showing up. And a vaccine will take about a year + more time to create enough for everyone and for everyone to get vaccinated.

  10. 80% of us have the flu or so we think but you are getting us dizzy, please stop spinning, twirling and moving.

  11. Why are white cocks in western countries still not wearing masks? Here in China even though it gets better, you will still see 99.9999% of people have their masks on in public.

    Simple things like this drivers me crazy. No wonder the number of cases in European and western countries grows so quickly.

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