[Video] We tried Android 11.

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  1. Hopefully that split notification feature will be added. So much things can be added as quick toggles, widgets, and notifications. Someone made an app Snap Swipe Drawer before but he stopped and removed the app from playstore. It was an amazing app

  2. Screen recording has been a feature of stock android for many years now, they're just now giving us a UI for it. But u can open up a terminal on basically any Android and type 'screenrecord > /sdcard/video.mp4'. I just don't remember if u had to enter 'su' before…

  3. Hahaha that bubble thingy they kanged from Paranoid. Just like they did with heads-up notifications. They should at least credit them.

  4. your old apps will crash with "scoped storage". What we really need is a way to disable internet permission per app and kill ads

  5. 6:36 why everyone mentions Samsung with its powershare when there are more Android phones doing the same thing, ahem Huawei reverse charging AHEM IT WAS BEFORE SAMSUNG'S

  6. When you said : Android 11 is here. Thats not all
    Say complete line which is. : Android 11 is here and i know it sicks already. And it will suck until it matches its features with its peers like oxygen os.

    Ps: watched the whole video and realised all features apart from screen recording are useless.
    I want
    1. Native Call recording
    2. Native app lock
    3. Native game booster
    4. Native dual/clone app feature
    5. Native gallery app (not talking about gallery go or g photos. Something similar to miui gallery or oxygen os gallery app).

    When these features will get introduced. I'd call that update a worthy one. Right now it's a useless one.
    I know similar to Android 10 android 11 will also suck.

  7. I've been a customer of Ting's for years; the service is great and costs less than half of what I used to pay with my previous carrier

  8. isolated filesystem is more about apps that would snoop logs and data files of other apps to get around permissions that you didn't give to the app. Like, they would look at the EXIF data on photos and use that as location data and so on. This is also how iOS works, very much a case of "Android finally catches up to something that Apple users have had for years".

  9. Every year Android's new version adds options that 95% of it is already there on Samsung phones. I really hoped this time it would be different but I guess not…..

  10. See these features aren't anything that you can't already get with third-party solutions. Pretty much all third-party message applications already have some sort of bubbles notification.

  11. Im confused. Im using a Note9 with Android 10 and I have a screen recorder in the quick settings. Is this a samsung note exclusive feature?

  12. I see the ting sponsors alot and as someone from the UK, phone bills seem so expensive in the us, I pay £10 a month and get unlimited calls and texts, and 6-7 GB of data, I usually get a GB free when I hit my 6gb allowance

  13. Wait, my phone has had screen recorder ever since last update(samsung galaxy s9) and that was like a week or two ago.

  14. That's hillarious, Bubbles already work as described (but works flawlessly) and screen record on my note 10 – I now see you noted this but it is still hillarious, Samsung skin used to be a downgrade but now more i guess!

  15. Huh, I have all this in the Lineage OS build I'm using on my LG V30. Phone is almost 3 years old.

    Must be weird to go with stock Android

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