[Video] Which 240Hz Gaming Monitor is the Best?

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[Video] Which 240Hz Gaming Monitor is the Best? 1
[Video] Which 240Hz Gaming Monitor is the Best? 2
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  1. The real question is: Which one will I ever be able to afford.
    And I bet they best one is the most expensive. Problem solved lol

  2. BenQ sent me that monitor a few months ago to make a review video and I’m still loving it. Actually makes it a lot easier to play better

  3. If any of you follow the link for drop.com prepare to be forced into entering your email, being auto-signed up for all kinds of marketing bs, and auto-agreeing to thirdparty tracking. Head over to your settings tab immediately after punching in your info and clear it all up


  5. Let me tell you, when I made the switch from 60Hz to 144Hz. I never wanted to look back. Unfortunately, I had to for a while due to financial and academical reasons. But let me tell you, for gaming, especially FPS games… the more hertz you have, the smoother it gets. You will ofcourse need a beefy enough computer to back it up and pump out those frames.

    The more frames per second, the smoother it is. Everyone knows that, but the more hertz, the higher the roof for how smooth it can get becomes.

  6. Give everyone about 1k to build a gaming pc see who comes up with best gaming pc who builds the best work place pc ect.

  7. I’m missing the AOC Agon AG251FZ in this review as well as the Alienware 240hz. But yeah, colors and blacks on my 240hz tn are terrible. Blacks have this weird compression that you can see in movies mostly. However, you don’t buy these to watch movies on or edit pictures. I use my old 60hz ips monitor as my 2nd screen for watching movies and whatnot. In the end getting the AOC TN + cheap vesa mount is cheaper than an IPS gaming monitor and it performs better.

  8. Hey LinusMediaGroup
    There is a console in CS GO which you can use to input commands and kick the bots, set the round time, fly around, restart the rounds count and a lot more.
    I think it would be a lot easier, for example at the start of this video!

  9. Hey Linus I will be buying a second hand Alienware laptop… What are things that I should look out for… It's quiet expensive and don't wanna waste my money… Do reply thank you

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