Walmart's $250 laptop is AWESOME!

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Walmart's $250 laptop is AWESOME! 1
Walmart's $250 laptop is AWESOME! 2
Walmart's $250 laptop is AWESOME! 3
Walmart's $250 laptop is AWESOME! 4
Walmart's $250 laptop is AWESOME! 5

23 Comments on “Walmart's $250 laptop is AWESOME!”

  1. we can tell how happy and excited linus is by how squeeky his voice gets!,, but, no, 1) don't need a lappy, 2)won't even enter a walmart, tho i can see how this might fly off the shelves

  2. So, I am most assuredly grabbing one of these… and I'm excited to do so again when they end up used, and around $50-$100 tops. And once I have one of these, I can't wait to see what panels I can mod into it… as I have a plethora of FANTASTIC laptop panels… Perhaps a DreamColor from HP or a brand new IPS from a ThinkPad? Either way, you can get into one of these as low as $200-$250 new, $50-$100 used, and have a new, incredible, fantastic panel modded in for as cheap as you can find a donor… I've found donors with panels that SHOULD cost FAR more than most laptops themselves, on broken machines, being sold as a "parts machine" for as low as $9. Heck, the DreamColor IPS I want to pop into one of these came on a $9 HP EliteBook from Goodwill, which itself works fine. Anyway I LOVE THIS… what a great video, review, subject matter, etc. Great job! Shame the CPU is soldered, but sort of figured. You're obviously right though, light gaming is surely all it'll do with new titles. But it will surely do retro gaming pretty well I'd think.

  3. If you're not buying a gaming laptop, just buy a refurbished laptop/notebook from Newegg. They have so many refurbished business laptops that have been upgraded with SSDs, 16gb ram and have i7 processors.

  4. @6:06 I wonder if maybe it is just a fluke on that particular device: like maybe that pad wasnt 100% up to spec. Any way to compare it to another identical model?

  5. Does anyone know who actually manufactures these laptops for Walmart? I might be interesting to see what other makes and models they might produce and if they are available outside the US 😀🤷‍♂️

  6. Typing this on that exact laptop lol. It is super solid for the dollars. Fits my needs as a daily driver.

  7. BackBlaze is pretty awesome. The file size is capped under a TB but it's price is a 10th of AWS, ect.

  8. Nothing better to listen besides this high pitched voice in a coronavirus week off work

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