What Exactly is the New Apple iPad?

For those who do not possess the slightest idea about what the new buzz in the technology market is all about, here’s a brief introduction to firstly, elevate and then, satisfy your curiosity regarding the same.

To begin with, the new Apple iPad is a touch-screen 8×10 inch tablet computer that resembles a magazine in its size and feel and is available with three models to bring you online through Wi-Fi and with three models that can connect you to the Internet through an arrangement of AT&T’s 3G wireless and Wi-Fi.

The software used in the iPad is the same as the one used in Apple’s popular iPod Touch and iPhone. This software has been termed as the iPhone OS by Apple and is famous for being among the topmost enviable operating systems that have been designed for application with touch-screen devices. Unlike the conventional OS software whose design works around the keyboard and mouse, the iPhone OS simply responds to touch inputs and is usually capable of managing one app at a time.

If you have ever had the chance to use the iPod Touch or iPhone, then the iPad is likely to appear very familiar to you within the briefest encounter with the piece. Many of the functions incorporated in the iPad resemble the services offered by iPhone’s capabilities such as maps, email, video, apps (Apple-designed Applications) for web-browsing, YouTube, music, photos, and many more. In addition to these, you can add an amazing variety of more apps to your iPad to maximize its potential by connecting iTunes to it through your computer using an included cable or by using integrated App Store software. In case you already possess these apps through ownership of Apple’s iPod Touch or iPhone, then you can simply transfer these to your iPad.

Jim Johannasen

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