White iPhone 9 Live Photo Leaked

Apple is expected to unveil the second-generation iPhone SE, presumably called iPhone 9, as soon as this month, and a live photo that leaked to the web claims to reveal the white version in all its glory.

While this image doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know, it does confirm that the iPhone 9 is expected to come with a single camera and a design inspired from the iPhone 8.

In fact, this is something that perfectly defines the iPhone 9 in the first place.

Despite being a second-generation iPhone SE, the device will mostly be based on the iPhone 8 and will feature not only the same design, but also the same display and dimensions.

iPhone 8-based model

With a 4.7-inch screen, the new iPhone SE will be bigger than its predecessor, albeit it will remain the only new iPhone still using LCD – rumor has it Apple will make the full switch to OLED beginning with the 2020 iPhone generation.

The device will obviously feature upgraded internals that will bring it in line with newer models, but at the same time, will also lack more premium capabilities in an attempt to keep it more affordable. For example, it’ll boast just a single camera on the back, Touch ID instead of Face ID, and a fingerprint sensor embedded into the home button, just like on the iPhone 8.

Rumor has it the device will start at $399 in the United States and be offered with 64GB of storage, with an upgraded version sporting 128GB likely to be sold for $449.

At this point, the iPhone 8 is the most affordable iPhone still up for grabs, as it’s available from $449 in the United States, so there’s a good chance that this model is pulled once the new iPhone 9 is announced later this month.


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