Yes4G Konfem Unlimited Prepaid Speed quietly reduced to 3Mbps

Yes4G has quietly reduced and limited the speeds of its Konfem Unlimited Prepaid add-on plan to 3Mbps. Available since 2018, the Yes4G Konfem Unlimited Prepaid plan used to offer faster download speeds up to 4Mbps, price at RM30/month with unlimited quota and no restrictions on video streaming such as Youtube.

The changes also include slower video streaming speeds for the Konfem Unlimited Prepaid plan.

The company did not announce the new limitations made to the Konfem Unlimited Prepaid plan via its Facebook page or in the MyYes4G app however it updated the FAQ section of the Yes4G Prepaid Plans which is buried deep within its website.


Meanwhile, in an attempt to charge consumers more for the unlimited speeds up to 4Mbps (which was previously available to existing Konfem Unlimited), the Telco launched a new plan called Konfem Unlimited HD EPIK prepaid plan that is priced higher at RM40 for unlimited usage.

Yes4G claims that this new plan is “Malaysia’s only Unlimited HD Prepaid” allowing users to stream videos in High definition but it did not disclose the list of supported video sites on its website. It is also unclear if High Definition here refers to videos that are streaming at 720p or 1080p which typically requires Internet speeds over 5Mbps.

Screenshot from Yes4G app

The Telco also appears to be misleading consumers on its website by placing an image of the Yes4G Prepaid Epik Pack and claiming that “unlimited 4G data” cost “only RM1* per day” when such unlimited daily plan do not exist as all the Telco’s unlimited plan are monthly based. The Konfem Unlimited HD EPIK monthly plan itself breaks down to about RM1.33 a day and not RM1.

Misleading consumers with Unlimited 4G Data at RM1 per day when such Daily plan do not exist from Yes4G. Screenshot taken from the Yes4G website.


The Telco is charging RM5 for 24 hours usage if users want unlimited high speed Internet (best effort basis) for a limited quota of just 5GB.

The changes from Yes4G appears to be in response to U Mobile’s GX38 unlimited prepaid plan which is priced cheaper at RM38/month (RM35 for a limited time) with faster speeds at 6Mbps compared to the Yes4G Konfem Unlimited HD EPIK prepaid plan. U Mobile is also offering a 3GB hotspot included in the plan for tethering while Yes4G is blocking those usage.

Another U Mobile prepaid plan called GX30 cost RM30/month. It comes with unlimited usage with speeds up to 3Mbps and 3GB hotspot quota at no additional fee.

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