$100K Nokia Bell Labs Prize

$100K Nokia Bell Labs Prize 1

Revolutionary ideas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics don’t occur every day.

But when those “eureka” moments happen, we need to provide a forum to explore those ideas, judge them on their merits, and distinguish the extraordinary from the merely good.

Once a year, Nokia Bell Labs makes that forum a reality, where robust proposals that have the potential to revolutionize the future of human experience are presented and debated. If you think your idea could be one of them, the Nokia Bell Labs Prize is for you.

Solving challenges that connect humans, systems, things, infrastructure, or processes, the 2020 Nokia Bell Labs Prize is an opportunity for innovators around the world to collaborate with world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs researchers and transform their ideas into prototypes of the future.

What kind of ideas are we talking about? Big, bold, and bordering on audacious, they should have far-reaching, humanity-changing implications.

Previous winners offered solutions to enable a better Internet of Things (IoT), proposed a new way to simplify Big Data to extract actionable information and knowledge, and replicated the power of quantum computing on a chip.

One of…


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