COVID-19 Impact on Malaysia – Week 6 – Study by Wisesight


The third phase of MCO saw an increase in green zones, signifying a positive outlook for Malaysia. Despite the further extension of MCO, Netizens are hopeful for life and outdoor activities to resume after the pandemic while businesses are setting operations in preparation including an increase in active communications. The 6th edition of this study by Wisesight covers chatter surrounding the repeated MCO extensions, differences in the Ramadan celebrations this year, students who are allowed to return home, highlights on four industries crucial in the recovery, and top trending topics among Netizens during this period.

The decrease in total active cases by over 30% from the beginning of the month is an indicator that we are at a crucial turning point in our battle against Covid19. Malaysians have adapted from a phase of enforced control to focusing on recovery at this stage. The restrictions are loosened for businesses to resume operations in order to revive our economy, while students are now allowed to return home to their families for the festive season. Meanwhile a few sectors are focusing their efforts on coping with the pandemic and the recovery thereafter.

This edition’s highlight covers the Education, Insurance, Banking, and Hospital sectors, taking a look at how they have adapted and contributed to the recovery from the pandemic. From the hardest hit hospital sector whose medical professionals form our front line defenses, to education sector being forced to adapt to online learning, and from banking institutions monitoring the increase in online transactions while providing financial aids, to insurance providers offering policies and coverage to safeguard us from loss and medical expenses, all these sectors work hand-in-hand to future-proof our interests and stability in the face of future crises.

Wisesight’s Founder and Regional Director of APAC, Shakthi DC said, “The current chatter and communications trend will indicate the direction and recovery efforts in these sectors for the coming years. Just as businesses adapt to the demands and availability of supplies, these sectors will adapt and respond to input from the general public. Service industries are designed to fulfill the needs and demands of the majority because that’s where the sales volume comes from. These are often readjusted when the voices of the mass become a unified collective on a certain topic. Now more than ever, Netizens need to be aware that their collective input, no matter how casual, may play a role in shaping these sectors’ direction moving forward.”

She added, “Those who are hit the hardest will be the most driven to change as they become aware of how limited their resources are or how under-prepared they are in the face of difficulty. These groups will learn to adapt to the digital advancements through education, or plan for financial safety net through insurance or bank savings and investments. As a society, we are also learning to appreciate our healthcare professionals and educators. A change in demand of these professions and their market value is very likely after the pandemic.”


Wisesight’s study details the events from 22nd – 28th April analysing the ​reactions and impact of these changes in comparison to findings from the previous weeks​. The latest study includes:

  1. Netizens reactions to the 4th phase of MCO
  2. Increase in green zones and ease on travel restrictions
  3. Top Malaysian’s concerns over the past five weeks
  4. Current trending topics Malaysians shared online
  5. Selected Industries’ performance during the MCO (Education, Insurance, Banking, Hospital)
  6. Best practice recommendations for Brands content strategy
  7. Case Study – Strategies adopted by highlighted industries to remain relevant during the MCO and the strategies for post lockdown.
  8. Other stories of key interest among Malaysians during the period analysed

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