Cyberview Organises First Virtual Demo Day for Startups of its Accelerator Programme

Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator-virtual-demo-day
Under the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) Programme, five start-ups (ERTH, VITA, Moovby, Red Angpow and Engage) were given the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions and offerings during Cyberview’s first ever virtual Demo Day on April 29, 2020.

Cyberview Sdn Bhd (Cyberview), the Tech Hub Developer of Cyberjaya continues to demonstrate its firm commitment to strengthen and empower startups through the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) programme, featuring five startups of its 13th Cohort.

Through Cyberview’s first ever virtual Demo Day, in collaboration with Finnext Capital, five startups under the CLLA’s latest cohort were given the unique opportunity to showcase their products and services to a wide online audience, including investors, venture capitalists, corporate partners, government agencies, entrepreneurs, and members of the media. This cohort is made up of startups focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), financial technology (fintech), robotics and retail technology.

During this virtual event, members of the audience witnessed first-hand the solutions and offerings of five startups after more than five intensive months in the CLLA programme. These startups are ERTH, VITA, Red Angpow, Engage and Moovby – which gave innovative demonstrations showcasing an AI-powered electronic waste recycling platform, an AI health app which provides early warning to future risk of chronic disease, an online map-based solution that conducts real estate due diligence and feasibility studies within minutes, an AI-driven customer retention solution and a peer-to-peer car sharing platform respectively.

“We are very excited to once again organise a Demo Day to conclude the CLLA Programme. Five startups at the tipping point of commercialisation were selected and through the programme, leveraged upon a launchpad to test and pilot their offerings within the smart city of Cyberjaya. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to host our Demo Day virtually this year, and we are pleased with the strong turnout it received. As this event has proven, it is always important that businesses and startups today remain hungry, agile and resilient in order to adapt to unexpected changes,” said Najib Ibrahim, Managing Director of Cyberview.

“At Cyberview, we aim to champion Cyberjaya as a vibrant Global Tech Hub and the centre of Malaysia’s tech innovations. Towards this end, we strive to continuously build Cyberjaya as a robust, well-developed and ever-expanding ecosystem that supports businesses of any size and at any stage. Startups are a vital cog in this ecosystem built collaboratively with the agenda of creating an innovation-based economic hub. Alumni of the CLLA programme over the years have certainly made significant contributions towards this vision for Cyberjaya,” he added.

Since its inception in 2013, CLLA has successfully nurtured 75 startups, providing them with resources, facilities, mentorship, networking and market access opportunities that are worth RM100,000. These selected startups have been working at Colnnov8, a smart city collaborative space provided by Cyberview at its headquarters. The CLLA provides a much-needed avenue for startups to experiment and pilot their offerings within Cyberjaya. To date, the CLLA has helped startups to raise over RM87 million in total investments and generated more than RM218 million in total revenue.

According to Siti Shafinaz Mohd Salim, Head of Technology Hub Development Division, Cyberview, “Whenever we work with these enthusiastic startups who aspire to change the lives of communities through their technology and brilliant ideas, we come a step closer to enriching the city with smart elements; thus clearly benefiting both innovators and the communities. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for companies to embrace change and find opportunities that can meet the needs of consumers. This cohort’s participants have showcased immense ingenuity, leadership, and resilience when it comes to building a successful business and we have enjoyed the opportunity to support them in this journey.”

Siti Shafinaz added, “We are very proud of what startups under the CLLA have achieved, and we certainly hope that their success will inspire other startups to join our programme and come to Cyberjaya en route to commercialisation of their solutions. Our startups present here today have shown great fortitude and tenacity in working on their respective projects, especially amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. In this unprecedented situation with its multiple restrictions, others may have given up their vision, but these startups remained relentlessly focused on their goal of achieving success. As Cyberview continues to spearhead innovation initiatives in Malaysia, we are confident that startups like these will support our nation’s agenda for tech and digital growth.”

About the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Programme Cohort 13 Startups

  1. ERTH is an AI-powered electronic waste recycling platform that enables households and businesses to easily increase their recycling rate. Additionally, the digital platform matches real-time pickup requests with licensed recycling logistics companies and offers cash rewards upon successful pickup.


  1. VITA is a health app which provides visual insights to your health data and is integrated with laboratory information systems to provide a historical health record with added benefit of early warning to future risk of chronic disease using AI.


  1. Moovby is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that enables vehicle owners to rent their idle and underutilised vehicles on their platform. Their community of trusted users will then be able to request and rent vehicles on the Moovby app which has transparent pricing, wide coverage, and hourly rental rates.


  1. Red Angpow does online map-based real estate due diligence, feasibility studies, and price analytics. They are able to conduct due diligence and feasibility studies in a matter of minutes compared to weeks using traditional methods. It will help developers evaluate the potential demand for the property in a specific area.


  1. Engage focuses on bridging the gap between retailers and consumers through AI and machine learning. It is an easy to use customer retention management solution with an AI-driven customer re-engagement feature. It aims to be the No.1 choice for customer retention solutions in Asia.


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