Google Play Store No Longer Loading Images? You’re Not Alone

Android users heading over to the Google Play Store to install apps might have noticed an unexpected bug happening on their devices, as images in the store no longer load correctly.

By the looks of things, the issue only impacts some users, but not everybody, and only part of the images actually fail to load. At this point, it’s not clear what exactly is happening, but I noticed a similar behavior on my Galaxy Note 9, only for the whole thing to refresh and work properly a couple of minutes later.

While this could indicate an image server problem, some say that the issue doesn’t go away, and fixing the Play store seems impossible for now.

No workaround for now

There are several posts online from people trying to deal with the bug, and some say that the generic workarounds, which very often include clearing the app cache and data, don’t make any difference. The Google Play Store app is also up-to-date on these devices.

Other than the images no longer showing up in the Google Play Store, everything seems to be running just as expected, so nothing else is broken. Installing app works just the way it should work, and I can confirm this is the case, as I managed to install an app despite images not loading.

For now, all signs seem to be pointing towards a server issue, in which case your only option is to wait for Google to come up with a fix. Of course, you can also try out the aforementioned workarounds, but there’s a good chance these won’t make any difference, especially as the glitch doesn’t seem to be related to the Play Store app itself.

We’re still waiting for more information on what exactly is happening and will update the article when we have some additional details on this.

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