How Microsoft Is Redesigning the Windows 10 About Screen

Microsoft is always looking into adding further refinements to Windows 10, and in addition to new features that typically come with new updates, the company is also polishing the experience under the hood.

In other words, feature updates come with all kinds of goodies, including changes that you can see and changes that you can’t see.

The latter are just as interesting as the first, especially once you discover them.

In an upcoming Windows 10 feature update, Microsoft is expected to include some changes for the About screen in the operating system in an attempt to make reading the displayed information a more straightforward experience.

The About screen is used by Windows 10 to display information about the device and the operating system, along with other shortcuts that point users to security features and other system options, such as renaming the PC.

At this point, there are three main sections displayed in the About screen, as it follows:

  • Security status
  • Device specifications
  • Windows specifications

More content, like support information and shortcuts to other Windows 10 settings, are also displayed at the bottom of the About page.

In the meantime, however, the software giant is working on a design for the About screen, as discovered recently by Twitter user Albacore. More specifically, what Microsoft wants to do is make the available information easier to read, but also to simplify the page overall, as some information, like detailed security details, doesn’t necessarily make sense on this page.

So in an upcoming Windows 10 feature package, the About screen will continue to sport the aforementioned sections, but with added polishing.

The new About screen in Windows 10

First and the foremost, the security status section drops the detailed information, such as the current status of virus and threat protection, firewall, account protection, app and browser control. So instead, the new About screen shows just a summary of all of these, indicating that “Your PC is monitored and protected.”

A new shortcut will be added to see more details in Windows Security, and this is without a doubt the right way to go, as the extra security details about the device are just at one-click distance.

Next, the Device specifications section is also getting slight improvements. You’ll still see information like device name, processor, installed RAM, system type, and pen and touch, but the biggest addition is a new Copy button that lets you copy all of these. Why are these important? Just imagine that you’re trying to get assistance for a certain issue hitting your device and an engineer asks for your specs. Just head over to the new About screen, copy this information, and paste it in a conversation window.

The option to Rename this PC will continue to be available in this section.

The Windows specifications category isn’t getting any change for now, so the same information is displayed, including Windows 10 edition, version, installation date, and OS build.

The new About page…

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