Importance of Microsoft Graph and How to Use It?

Today in the market, we have already seen that Microsoft is providing many types of services to consumers and enterprises. But sometimes it creates some difficulties for us to use different services and products on different devices.

Microsoft launched Windows Phone way back. At present, people want the best connection and communication between the mobile device and the PC. The PC and is the best pair. But for the latest or advanced smartphone, you want something amazing or different. When the Apps come into the picture, you need for an impressive look. A smartphone required for strong app support. Like that, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone are not providing the best support from the developer community. We know it, and we have appreciated it.

Microsoft trying to provides more developers to build apps for their mobile platform. But after that Windows Phone platform reboots, it always lacked far behind the competitors. In that new strategies Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said that Microsoft is moving in a different direction that is called- Mobility of Experience.

After making all these things accessible, making people more productive and you need to make a connection between their devices in such a way that they both are working together for the person and the company. They vision the future of computing to be natural and more interactive.

So, we all are getting that Microsoft is moving towards an aim of bringing together and generating a Windows 10 powered PC and an Android phone or an iOS device work together. Here you will get that where Microsoft Graph plays a lead role as the crux of this vision.


Microsoft Graph will work on the theory of the Data Structure that named is Graph. Now, Microsoft described it as:

Microsoft Graph is a gateway to important information and intelligence in Microsoft 365. Microsoft Graph is also offering a programmability model that is unfined to get some of the amazing benefits of the impressive amount of information in Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10.

Microsoft Graph also comes with the help of many type APIs from various product groups inside of Microsoft. On the below-given APIs help the Microsoft Graph API to start working:

Enterprise Mobility and Security Services such as- Identity Manager, Intune, Advanced Threat Analytics, and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

Office 365 Services like SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook or Exchange, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Planner, and Excel.

Azure Active Directory.

Windows 10 services like Activities and Devices.

With this model, Microsoft is able to sync in your app data such as- notifications and Continue on PC feature from your Android Phone, iOS device or a Windows 10 Mobile phone to the Windows 10 PC.


Microsoft Graph will guide the app developers to make a bit of software that will influence the productivity of their customers profoundly. Some of the essential features are mentioned below:-

It has an excellent ability to scans the next engagement in the user’s calendar and simply guides them to prepare for it by offering some of the important information for the attendees. This information includes with their job titles, they workgroup, and information about the following documents and team projects they have been working or collaborating.

It is able to scan the schedule of the user and also helps them in arranging the best time for a meeting.

It has an excellent ability to fetches Office documents and files from the storage file that are saved at the inside of the Cloud Storage (OneDrive) remotely to any device connected in the graph.

It is able to get the information about your workflow and schedule, and it is providing the insights to your time spent on meetings or offers suggestions for the ones which are essential for a user.

It is able to guide the user to divide their work and private documents on the location basis in OneDrive to get private data and OneDrive for Business work documents.


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