iPhone 9 Launch Data Possibly Revealed

Apple might announce the new iPhone 9 in mid-April, according to new information posted on Twitter, with sales to begin a week later.

People familiar with the matter originally said the iPhone 9 was projected to launch in March, but due to the coronavirus outbreak and the production challenges that the pandemic caused for Apple’s suppliers, the Cupertino-based tech giant decided to push back the release.

While some sources claimed the iPhone 9 could be delayed until the fall, it now looks like the device could see daylight as soon as April 15, according to Jon Prosser, who has a good track on Apple scoops.

Prosser explains in a tweet that Apple’s big honchos held a meeting this week to discuss the iPhone 9 plans and the decision is to launch the device on April 15. The smartphone should then ship to the first customers on April 22, a week later, as per Apple’s typical approach.

Of course, there’s no confirmation on this and given we’re in the middle of a pandemic, as Prosser himself says, there’s a chance that this plan changes overnight and the iPhone 9 is pushed back even further.

The iPhone 9 launch

It goes without saying that an iPhone 9 launch in mid-April would only happen either with a digital event (less likely) or with a press announcement on Apple’s website (most likely).

This is due to the pandemic that’s keeping the world in lockdown, as Apple itself has also moved to the WWDC due in June to a digital version as well.

Most likely, Apple will focus mostly on online sales for the iPhone 9, especially as third-party retail stores across the world are either closed or facing a drop in sales due to people staying at home.

Full information will be released when the device goes on sale, but the pricing is expected to start at $399.



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