Lenovo’s Next Gaming Smartphone Will Feature 90-Watt Fast Charging

Investing in fast charging systems is something that the majority of smartphone manufacturers do these days, but on the other hand, not everyone manages to reach impressive specs.

Lenovo, however, wants to set a new record with the upcoming Legion gaming smartphone, as the company has dropped a teaser to let us know what to expect on this model.

In addition to insane specs that would enhance gaming on a smartphone, the future model will also pack the most advanced fast charging system to date.

Lenovo Legion will thus come with 90-watt fast charging, which should allow the device to go from 0 to about 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. That’s impressive, to say the least, and the specs could be even more surprising given Lenovo is investing aggressively in this technology.

Fastest fast charging

For the time being, the only thing we know is that Lenovo wants to deliver a gaming experience with no compromises, so making sure that the battery is always charged is a priority.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean Lenovo is the only company that wants to push the boundaries of fast charging beyond the existing limits.

Other companies are also making significant progress in improving fast charging on their models, and rather sooner than later, there’s a good chance smartphones would ship with charging that goes beyond 100 watts. It goes without saying that it could still take a while until this happens, and given Lenovo has already dropped a teaser of its new achievement, the Legion will probably be the first model to offer 90-watt fast charging.

Full information, including a confirmation of the fast charging capabilities, will be shared rather sooner than later, as the new Legion gaming smartphone should see daylight in the coming months.


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