Microsoft Has Started Improving Windows 10 Just the Way So Many People Wanted

Despite still a work in progress, Windows 10X has already proved to be quite a hit in the Windows power user community, as many used the available emulator images to give a try to Microsoft’s new dual-screen and foldable device operating system.

With Windows 10X, Microsoft tries to invent a new product category in the Windows ecosystem, technically providing hardware partners with the necessary operating system to bring this new form factor to the market.

Microsoft itself is spearheading the dual-screen device push with the Surface Neo, and while it looks like the device won’t be here earlier than 2021, the OS itself could see daylight on single-screen computers.

Most people liked the modern UI of Windows 10X, as it comes with improvements exactly in those areas that many users called for Microsoft to refresh, including the Start menu and the Action Center.

Since Windows 10X was first announced, more and more feedback required Microsoft to bring some of these features, including the Start menu, to full Windows 10 in an attempt to give a modern overhaul to the desktop OS as well. And while the software giant itself has remained completely tight-lipped on its plans regarding such a migration of features from one platform to another, it looks like the company does get the message.

Back in 2019, a rumor coming out of the blue revealed that Microsoft planned to give up on live tiles, pretty much because their usage has declined significantly. With the Microsoft Store itself not being the hit Microsoft expect it to be, and modern apps not necessarily taking off, live tiles themselves have lost fans, which eventually produced a decline in terms of usage.

And because people no longer love live tiles as much as they did a couple of years ago, the company started considering giving up on them entirely, instead going for a more static Start menu.

Windows 10X-inspired volume flyout in Windows 10

By the looks of things, this static Start menu could be very similar to the one in Windows 10X, which again, aligns with what so many people are calling for these days.

And while Microsoft itself is yet to confirm this speculation, the company has more recently been spotted testing another feature inspired from Windows 10X on full Windows 10. It’s the new volume flyout, which could get a modern facelift based on the design that first went live in Windows 10X.

Currently available in Windows 10 preview builds available for insiders, the new volume flyout is still an experiment, but I expect it to be announced rather sooner than later. At this point, it’s still not clear when the volume flyout could go live for production devices, as the Fast ring in the Insider program is now being used for testing features without an actual release date.

And as it turns out, there’s more of Windows 10X that could make its way to full Windows 10. Some context menus, clearly inspired from Windows 10X, are also implemented in Windows 10 in the last preview build.

All of these are signs that the thing that so many…

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